Friday, March 1, 2013

Hellboy - Born in the Wrong Century - J.D. Coughlan


Panel 1: Long panel, overlooking a 17th century American town at night. A man stands in the foreground, just off-panel. This is Septimus Wolfe, an original character.

(NOTE: Wolfe's captions should appear handwritten.)

CAPTION: Salem, Massachusetts -- May, 1692

WOLFE (CAP): From the journal of Septimus Wolfe...

Panel 2: Close on Wolfe as he rides his horse into town. He is a gaunt, middle-aged figure dressed richly but unassuming. Behind him, a woman is being burned at the stake, a crowd cheering around her. Wolfe stares ahead grimly.

WOLFE (CAP): Whilst the Society seems not to care about the fate of these "witches," they have dispatched me to this hellish town to investigate a more manifest threat to God's creation.

Panel 3: Wolfe dismounts his horse in front of a small, dilapidated house. A single window is illuminated. Wolfe looks up at it.

WOLFE (CAP): For it seems that in their haste to protect themselves from Christian wrath, a true coven has summoned daemonic protection. And I must send this Beast back to its Master.

Panel 4: Large, taking up most of the page. Hellboy, horns intact, sits shackled to a wall in a dark room, in tattered clothing. Upon the wall behind him are various Wiccan and Satanic markings. Hellboy looks very pissed-off.

WOLFE (CAP): But something in my bones tells me this shall not be so simple...



  1. Bloody hell (pun intended) this is a staggeringly cool page. The period and location setting are atmospheric and visually delicious. The hand written caption have a great sense of character and voice to them and give a strong sense of who this Wolfe character is, a hard thing to pull off as well as you have in just one page. Plus that last panel you leave us with, WOW what a beat to hit for a page turn.

  2. I love the concept at work here, and the notion of Hellboy being a 'man out of time' (again technically) is great.

    Suitably atmospheric too.


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