Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hellboy - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) - R.A. Wonsowski


Panel 1 - A hillside at night.  No moon in the sky.  Ethereally glowing, a skeleton wearing a wide flat-brimmed black cowboy hat and a colorful but torn Mexican poncho is shambling in front of us.

CAPTION:  Austin, Texas.

CAPTION:  Where his helicopter crashed years ago, Vaughn's bones search in vain for a Telecaster.

"VAUGHN":  ...dOn'T...bE...LaTe....

Panel 2 - A hotel bedroom.  In a double bed, the sheets in complete disarray, another glowing skeleton, this one in a dark velvet blazer and a tie-dye bandana around its neck, is twisting as if in a seizure, vomiting multicoloured pills and capsules around the room.

CAPTION:  Notting Hill, England.

CAPTION:  At the Samarkand Hotel, Hendrix's ghost mutters the same words Vaughn's been repeating:  "If I don't see you in this world, I'll see you in the next..."

Panel 3 - On a two-lane road, night, a pick-up truck sporting Stars and Bars on the tailgate is overturned and burning off the shoulder.  A third glowing skeleton, the bones twisted and broken in places, is crawling along the double yellow line, searching and screaming.

CAPTION:  Hope, Arkansas.

CAPTION:  An Alabama motorist ditches his truck when Jesse "Goodnight My Love" Belvin appears out of nowhere, searching for his wife.

"BELVIN":  ...jO-aNn-nNh...

Panel 4 - P.O.V. behind HELLBOY.  On a moonless, starless night, he is standing in the middle of an intersection of two dirt roads.  Underneath the high branches of a long dead tree floats the ghost of ROBERT JOHNSON, his flesh hanging from his yellowing skull, his bony feet and hands visible from the cuffs of his burial suit.  His wide smile is a rictus, and his eyes glare from beneath his dirty black felt fedora.

CAPTION:  Clarksdale, Mississippi.

JOHNSON:  ...aHh-nHNungh...uUnhn...hRraah-mahh...

CAPTION:  And if I'm gonna stop all this dead-raising, I need to ask the devil at the crossroads for a ride...


  1. Absolutely chilling. I'd love to see this actually depicted.

  2. WOOOO! Fantastic idea! Yeah, I'd love to see you and Mignola raise pages upon pages of the great musical dead! Way to tie the Johnson legend into it all - Awesome!

  3. The bit with Johnson had me sold on this one. Very effective script and I really dig the angle/hook you're using.

  4. I'm not much of a muso so some of the reference where kind of lost on me until I did some research. The script itself and visuals themselves are chilling and creeping and worked regardless of my knowledge to set up an interesting tale.


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