Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kingpin - The Warning - R.A. Wonsowski

Panel 1 - Foreground:  WILSON FISK in a booth at Sardi's.  He is eating a medium rare steak and a baked potato, and has a glass of red wine in front of him.  The other restaurant tables in view are empty.  Background, a SKINNY UZBEKHI mob boss and his blonde girlfriend, who looks like a RUSSIAN JAYNE MANSFIELD, flanked by two of FISK's hirsute enforcers, approach the table.  The SKINNY UZBEKH is dressed in a white suit, with an orange silk shirt open to the navel, and gold chains.  His arms are open in greeting, and he is smiling from ear to ear.  His long hair is greased back.  The blonde is wearing a white mini-dress that barely covers anything that would need censoring, also smiling.  The enforcers are not.

SKINNY UZBEKH:  What I tell you, Svetlana?  Wilson Fisk himSELF ask to see me.

Panel 2 - Same as Panel 1, except the SKINNY UZBEKH has a shocked look on his face, and his girlfriend looks confused.  FISK cuts his steak, not looking at his guests.

FISK:  Because I am tired, Oleg.

FISK:  Tired of you using my product, my drugs and my whores, to make deals with police officers and reporters.

Panel 3 - The enforcers grab the UZBEKH and the girlfriend, clamping their hands over their mouths, holding their hands behind them.  FISK is still eating, still looking at his plate.

FISK:  Take them to New Jersey.  Give them both injections of ketamine upon their arrival.  I want them paralyzed, yet aware.

FISK:  In regards to the girl, tell the boys in Newark:  brutally and repeatedly.

Panel 4 - Same as Panel 3, but FISK is pointing at the UZBEKH with his fork.  He still has not looked up from his plate.  The UZBEKH and his girl are terrified.

FISK:  Make him watch.

Panel 5 - Same as Panel 3, except the UZBEKH and his girl are crying.

FISK:  When they finish with her, force feed her methamphetamine.  The uncut.  She will service our Teamster clientele at the ports to work off her boyfriend's debt and to feed her new meth habit.

FISK:  Then take him to the Village.  He gets the same hospitality as the girl.

Panel 6 - Close-up, a bloody piece of meat speared on the fork entering FISK's grinning maw.

FISK:  Email the video to his father, quote:

FISK:  "The next time, I get nasty."

...and on that note, HAPPY EASTER, EVERYBODY!


  1. Damn.

    You excellently show why Kingpin is one of the scariest villains out there.

  2. Well, this would sit nicely at home in the MAX universe.


  3. Ray I am kind of terrified of you now man, this is cold blooded and chilling to the core... and just damn fantastic. Brilliant Kingpin page that would fit into a Max series perfectly as Dan said.


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