Monday, March 4, 2013

Krypto - Here Boy - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A lonely graveyard on a stormy night.

2.  Close up of a silhouette of a single grave.

3.  A lightening flash reveals the grave to be that of Krypto, the tomb stone bearing his name.

4.  The white paw of Krypto sticks out from the grave.

5.  A shot showing the graveyard and the gates in which one enters.  Above it is a sign that reads ‘Pet Cemetery’. 

KRYPTO (off panel)


  1. Stealth Blackest Night script? Or just a regular script about characters rarely staying dead?

  2. It's a punchy little idea, and the panel beats work towards the comical horror.

  3. Solid script with the sound effects making it funnier for some reason (which may not have been what you were going for).

  4. A neat and swift one pager that as these comments show could work on a number of levels all of which are kinda cool. Nice job.


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