Thursday, March 7, 2013

Krypto – Juliet & John – Shaun Richens.

This will be the last entry for my attempt at an on going story here on Thoughtballoons. It was a fun weekly writing challenge and something I am glad to have tried, and I am also thankful for you guys putting up with it. However knowing the next few great picks, I can’t see a fun or interesting way of making them work without losing something of the character or the story I was trying to put together.

PAGE eleven – 7 PANELS.

1. Krypto stands on all fours, head forward, eyes narrowed ready for anything.

KRYPTO: Tell me where it is Braini-Cat?

2. Cut to shot of Braini-Cat, Krypto’s nemisis.

Braini-cat is a rather fat ginger cat, she wears a along flowing purple velvet cape and a diamond collar. Around her head is a floating crown (made from an old Brainiac android’s mind) the crown grants her super intelligence.

Braini-Cat sits gracefully her tail curled up around her.

BRAINI-CAT: Foolish canine. No matter how super you may think you are, you are just as easily tamed as your average counterpart.

3. Cut back to Krypto now tighter on him, his eyes look sad.

KRYPTO: I beg of your Braini-Cat where have you hidden it?

4. Cut to close up on Branini-Cat an evil and sly grin on her face, her white pointy teeth showing slightly.

BRAINI-CAT 1: Poor pup. You will never find your bone now.

BRAINI-CAT 2: I have shrunken it to a microscopic size.

5. Pull back to reveal shieldwatch security agent J.D sat watching Krypto the Superdog: The animated show on a TV in the CCTV office.

The office is full of screens of all different sizes. The TV dead in front of security agent J.D shows the howling face of Krypto as he hears the sad news about his bone.

Either side of the TV are two screens showing events we are interested in. Screen one and Screen two.

Security officer J.D: Poor Krypto. That lousy cat’s always playing tricks on him.

6. Close up on screen one. We see a corridor in some other section of the shieldwatch HQ. John, Juliet and Hammer are running down it, Dead of Night and Lady Lightning in hot pursuit.

The panel has a film grain quality to it.

JOHN: Why are we running? Hammer Bamf us outta this mess.

7. Close up on screen two. We see the outside of the shield watch labs. Dr Parker stands on the outside of the glass doors leading into the lab, his back against the door trying to hold them shut. A sign above the doors reads LAB 316.

Green fungus and spores grow all of the glass.

The panel has a film grain quality to it.

DR PARKER: Peter you are even more useless in your current state than when I allowed you to keep this body.

(Ghost Peter doesn’t show up on film.)

And so we end on a cliffhanger.

See you next week when I go back to regular service. 


  1. Your choice of a nemesis for Krypto is inspired, and you weave that part in well. I'm on the edge of my seat and hope you return to this story at some point.

  2. Solid page. I can see why the next few picks would be difficult.

    You could always pick it back up after...


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