Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Krypto- Ode to Joy -Dan Hill


Panel One
Close up on Pa Kent, facing right as he looks off panel. A sunbeam comes in from the right side of the panel, covering Pa in its golden hue.

Pa wears a pair of oily overalls and a lumberjack shirt.

PA KENT(CAP): Dealing with Clark can be heartbreaking sometimes.

PA KENT(CAP): He just wants to play with the other children.

Panel Two
Zoom out, still focusing on Pa Kent the shot cutting off at chest level.

PA KENT(CAP): And I have to tell him that he can’t.

PA KENT(CAP): “Maybe when you’re older”, I say.

Panel Three
Zoom out to reveal Pa Kent is at a sink in the kitchen. He’s peering out through a window at the fields beyond.

PA KENT(CAP): And he’ll look at me and get real quiet. I can hear the tick of the clock and Martha listening to Beethoven’s 9th symphony in the next room.

PA KENT(CAP): It’s put me right off that guy, that’s for sure.

Panel Four
Pa, out on the porch of the farmhouse now holding an ice cold glass of homemade lemonade as he continues to stare across the fields. A small, grateful smile plays across his face.

PA KENT(CAP): It’s the silence that hurts. I can see him thinking, wondering if he’ll ever be ‘normal’.

PA KENT(CAP): But it’s why I treasure moments like these.

Panel 5
Wide. From Pa’s POV we can see a beautiful Rockwellian landscape of a wide open field and the cornrows on the horizon as the sun begins to set on a beautiful day in Kansas.

A young Clark (aged about 11-12) runs with a frisbee in his hand, Krypto giving chase playfully. There’s no restraint here at all. Just a boy playing with his dog, joy and play unleashed.

PA KENT(CAP): A dog’s bark.

PA KENT(CAP): Our boy laughing.

PA KENT(CAP): Beat that, Ludwig.


  1. Absolutely brilliant, really great showcase of how much Krypto meant to young Clark. You've got Pa Kent's voice down perfect and the Beethoven thing is a really nice original (I assume?) touch.

  2. Simply beautiful Dan, very well written with every element building layer upon layer until we hit that last beat which is just damn near perfect.


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