Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Krypto the Superdog – “Lex Luthor’s Vat Tuesday!” – MK Stangeland Jr.

(For the best effect, imagine this page as if it was done in a classic Silver Age art style.)

(9 Panels)

Panel 1: SUPERMAN is in the bottom of an empty chemical vat. He looks weakened from the effects of an unseen source of Kryptonite. LEX LUTHOR stands on a walkway overhead, looking as sinister as possible as he laughs in an evil fashion over the expected demise of his arch-nemesis.

TEXT BOX: Meanwhile, SUPERMAN has found himself trapped by Lex Luthor’s latest scheme!

LEX LUTHOR: Muah ha ha, Superman! This vat used to hold liquid Kryptonite! Soon, it shall also hold your dead body!

Panel 2: Panel of a weakened SUPERMAN inside the vat. He looks like he’s struggling. A music note comes from his mouth.

SUPERMAN: (Thought Balloon) He’s right! Power…failing…only hope…my super-whistling power…to call for help!

Panel 3: KRYPTO, flying through the sky, has a turned head as he reacts to the sound of SUPERMAN’s SUPER-WHISTLE.

TEXT BOX: Meanwhile, over the skies of Metropolis...


Panel 4: KRYPTO is seen flying towards the DAILY PLANET.

TEXT BOX: Hearing his master’s plea for help, KRYPTO the SUPERDOG flies to get assistance!

Panel 5: KRYPTO lands in front of LOIS LANE and JIMMY OLSON. KRYPTO barks to let them know that SUPERMAN is in trouble.

JIMMY OLSON: It’s Superman’s dog, Krypto!

KRYPTO: Woof woof! Arf arf!

LOIS LANE: What’s that boy? Superman’s in trouble?

JIMMY OLSON: And he needs our help! Let’s go!

Panel 6: Back inside the location with LEX LUTHOR and SUPERMAN. KRYPTO bursts through the ceiling.

SFX: Bam!


LEX LUTHOR (1): Krypto!

LEX LUTHOR (2): You mangy mutt! Soon you’ll suffer the same fate of your owner!

Panel 7: LOIS LANE and JIMMY OLSON are at a control panel.

TEXT BOX: While Krypto keeps Lex Luthor busy, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson free Superman!

JIMMY OLSON: We need to get Superman out of that chemical vat!

LOIS LANE: I think this should do it!

Panel 8: The chemical vat holding SUPERMAN flips on its side, allowing SUPERMAN to roll out.

SFX: Thunk!


Panel 9: LOIS LANE is kneeling on the ground next to SUPERMAN, while JIMMY OLSON stands next to both of them.

SUPERMAN (1): Thank you, Lois and Jimmy! I can feel my strength returning already!

SUPERMAN (2): Now I need to help Krypto and stop Lex Luthor!



  1. This genuinely feels like a Silver Age page. Well done capturing it! The number of panels is slightly worrisome though.

    1. I figured I'd have an easier time getting away with it since, at least if my impression is correct, the silver/golden age comics tended to try to stick more panels on to each of the pages.

  2. You really do capture the feel of the Silver age with this one and it totally works for your idea. I think a 9 panel page could work in the style as well so im ok with the length. Fun page MK.

  3. Really fun page. The captions - I heard them in my head in the voice of the narrator of the old SuperFriends cartoon ("Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice..."). Combined with the Lassie-esque "Timmy's in trouble" dialogue with Lois, Jimmy, and the dog, theres a lot here to smile about. Great stuff.

  4. Silver age fun!

    I loved the Lassie style dialogue that you put into this one. Good stuff.


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