Monday, March 18, 2013

Peanuts - At What Price? - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Charlie Brown is actually kicking the football as Violet looks shocked.

2.  Charlie Brown is celebrating, jumping up and down as he has finally kicked Violet’s ball.

I DID IT! All of my training paid off and I DID IT!

3.  Charlie Brown is sitting in a room full of people dressed in suits.  It is an inquiry.  They are questioning Charlie Brown.  There are TV crews everywhere.

And can you tell the Inquiry where you got these ‘supplements’ from Mr Brown?

Those of you outside of Australia may not necessarily get where I am going with this - our national sporting games of AFL and Rugby have come under fire as of late with a big media blow up about drugs in player's supplements.  


  1. Nice combination of real media events and a staple Peanuts set up that make for a nice pay off gag.

  2. This is pretty funny (I'll admit I wouldn't have gotten it without the footnote, though). However, I think an extra panel would have put this over the top.

    Maybe Charlie's reaction to the first question, etc.

  3. He may come up for a Senate hearing on steroids here in the States, like many of our baseball heroes did.

    To quote Charlie Brown: AAUUGH!

  4. Haha. Well done on telling such a fun little "What If?" story so succinctly in those three panels. While impossible to every happen in the world of Peanuts, it evokes the spirit of the strip well.


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