Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Peanuts- We Meet At Last -Dan Hill

Panel 1
SNOOPY in full ‘Flying Ace’ get up sits atop his kennel. Bullet holes riddle the side of the kennel with black smoke pouring from each one.

Snoopy turns towards someone approaching from off panel, their shadow falling across the kennel slightly.

Panel 2
Manfred Von Richtofen (aka THE RED BARON) has entered right from off panel. He shakes the paw/hand of SNOOPY.

RED BARON: Well played, Sir.

Panel 3
RED BARON exits the panel stage left. SNOOPY turns towards us.

Panel 4
Snoopy, now alone, stands on top of his kennel, arms flung wide open.

SNOOPY (thought balloon) See!


  1. This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to see from you. You always take the character picked and find a way to make it fit perfectly into your writing wheelhouse. This is another great example.

    Also that last panel is a very nice visual.

  2. This is a fantastic follow-up to MK's Enemy Ace script (http://www.thought-balloons.com/2013/01/enemy-ace-flying-aces-of-world-war-i-mk.html). Just awesome.


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