Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Peanuts - Wherefore and Why - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Charlie Brown and Linus are standing behind that brick wall (you know the one), talking.

CHARLIE BROWN: Every year you go to that pumpkin patch to wait for the Great Pumpkin, and every year you end up spending the night out in the cold for nothing.

2 - Still behind the wall, close-up of Charlie Brown.

CHARLIE BROWN: Why do you bother when you know that nothing is going to come of it?

3 - Pull back out, Linus and Charlie Brown look at each other.

LINUS: You never know, Charlie Brown.

4 - Switch scene.  We're now in the pumpkin patch.  Linus sits alone among the pumpkins.  Waiting.

LINUS: You never know.


  1. I'm not TOO familiar with the characterizations in Peanuts but this seemed pretty spot on to me.

    Last panel made me laugh.

  2. Great take on a classic four panel Peanuts page. Linus feels exactly right, a sense of optimism mixed with melancholy which your final beat nails.


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