Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rainbow Dash - All the Bronies in the House - R.A.Wonsowski


Panel 1 - Night, my kitchen.  ME, staring blankly into the screen of my laptop.  I have a blank, worried look on my face, my fingers poised above the keyboard.


Panel 2 - Same as above, but RAINBOW DASH is now peering over my shoulder at my computer screen.  One of her eyebrows is arched in curiosity.


Panel 3 - Same P.O.V., but RAINBOW DASH is mildly annoyed at ME.

RAINBOW DASH:  Are you kidding me?  You can't think of ANYTHING?!?

ME:  You're not helping.

Panel 4 - Same as above, except RAINBOW DASH is smacking ME up the backside of my head in disgust.  I cringe.

SoundFX:  Thwak!

ME:  Hey!

RAINBOW DASH:  I swear to Applejack, this has been happening to you wa-ay too often lately...

Panel 5 - Same as Panel 3.  A 9-inch tall, chain-smoking TRUTH-SAYING BASTARD SPIDEY walks across the kitchen table to talk to ME and RAINBOW DASH.

TSBS:  Remember Pokemon week?  How many times have we done the bowel-disruptor gag now?

RAINBOW DASH:  (pointing at TSBS) He gets a bowel-disruptor?  Where's MY bowel-disruptor?!?

Panel 6 - Same as above, but my head is in my hands as a tiny KRYPTO floats around my head.  RAINBOW DASH looks even angrier at ME,.

KRYPTO:  He cribbed my script from an old Peanuts strip last week...

RAINBOW DASH:  You cribbed the Schulz?!?

Panel 7 - Same as above, but I'm dragging my fingers down my face, pulling down the bags under my eyes in exasperation.  A 12-inch tall SAMMY HAGAR THOR (see comments at ), lightning crackling from his guitar, lands on the kitchen table.

SAMMY HAGAR THOR:  You haven't even brought me up in a year.  I got better things to do than wait on your silly @$$.

ME:  Oh for the luvva...

Panel 8 - DR. DINOSAUR and DEADPOOL, who is pointing at RAINBOW DASH happily surprised, walk in as I get up and walk out.  Everyone is talking after me as I go.

DR. DINOSAUR:  We can help you.

ME:  I'm out...

DEADPOOL:  Hey, it's Rainbow Dash!  I'm your biggest Brony!

RAINBOW DASH:  (calling worriedly after me over her shoulder) RA-A-Y!?!


  1. I love the meta-context of this script. It's got a 'late night sleep deprived hallucination' feel to it.

  2. This made me laugh. Also, looks like that viral writer's block from my script got out a bit, heh.

  3. This was a joy to read Ray. This was a clever 'best of Ray Wonsowski' style page that played with meta-context whilst managing to stay in a fun tone so not taking away from the light element of Rainbow Dash as a character. A skilled piece of writing man.

  4. I dug this. We've all been there!

    You fit in quite a few characters and managed to get their voices spot on too.


  5. Your metatextual scripts always bring a smile to my face, Ray. It's a small touch, but I love how you hyperlink to the things you're referencing. Adds a ton to the overall page, which was already a ton of fun.

    Way to turn writer's block into a bang up read.


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