Friday, March 15, 2013

Rainbow Dash - Neck and Neck - Niel Jacoby

2 Page Splash: A collage of moments in the Flash and Rainbow Dash's race around the world. Should include:
  • Flash leapfrogging Rainbow Dash
  • Rainbow Dash leaping over the Great Wall of China, while Flash just vibrates through it.
  • Flash and Dash  looping around and around in a London roundabout
  • Flash and Dash running across the Washington Monument reflection pool. Flash is walking on the water, while Dash is swimming across, cross
Inset Panel 1(top left corner): The Flash and Rainbow Dash are lined up, poised to begin a race.
Inset Panel 2(bottom right): Flash and Dash are exhausted, drinking water after the race.
Flash:...BEST 2 OUT OF 3?


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  2. Just a great concept Niel. Brilliant choice of insert panels, the Flash's final line is bang on for the character and just made me smile. Wonderful double page splash, they take up a lot of comic book retail space so need to be worth it, this is!

  3. Whilst this is technically two pages, I do like the concept. It has a light tone/feel to it and the visuals are great too.

  4. Jeez, Niel, great spread. Has that great Silver Age feel with the right MLP attitude. Solidly fun.

  5. Super cute, Niel. Way to use the overtired "Flash races someone" trope and make it feel fresh. Well done, sir.


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