Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rainbow Dash - Noire Little Pony - Ben Rosenthal

1. A hallway in Wonderbolts HQ at night. I imagine it being very clean an very military looking. The Wonderbolts crest hanging on a wall.

CAPTION (Rainbow Dash)
Name's Rainbow Dash. I'm the fastest there is.

2. The same hallway, but a blur streaks across it. It is Rainbow Dash but she is moving so fast we cannot make out anything but a blur of her.

3. The office of a military higher up, with a desk and empty chair the focus of the room. The blur of Rainbow Dash is again streaking across the panel. Papers are flying up in the air due to the speed of Rainbow Dash.

CAPTION (Rainbow Dash)
All my life I wanted to be a Wonderbolt. To be a part of the flying elite! The best of the best.

4. A close up of Rainbow Dash's eyes. They are wide with shock.

CAPTION (Rainbow Dash)
As soon as I got there, it was taken away from me.

5. Reveal of Rainbow Dash in a noire get up. A hat and possibly trench coat. You decide what looks best. She is shocked looking at the document she is reading. The cover reads "TOP SECRET: Project Midnight".


  1. Interesting take on the character with an unexpected tone. I'd have liked to see a little bit more though (which I guess means the page turn worked :P ).

  2. Perfect tribute page to Mr Ryan 'Noire' Lindsay. I'm surprised the guy didn't try and get a similar take past the guys at IDW.

  3. As Shaun says, this is a brilliant mixture of Ryan's latest project with his true crime calling. I also dig how it could pretty much fit right in with My Little Pony continuity.


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