Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rainbow Dash- Slow & Steady -Dan Hill


Panel 1
RAINBOW DASH speeds past a dawdling TANK. She sticks her tongue out as she goes, rolling green hills speeding past.

Panel 2
DASH stands on her back legs, her front legs folded in mock impatience. One of the feet on her back legs taps impatiently.

Panel 3
Fixed. DASH holds a book in front of her face, peering over the top of it suspiciously.

Panel 4
Fixed. DASH has projected several mini STORM CLOUDS above her head. Each of them rains a tiny storm around her in a circle.

What a show off.

Panel 5
Cut to a close up on TANK, determined.

Panel 6
Zoom out to reveal TANK sloooowwly idling past DASH, now fast asleep.


  1. Great take on a classic tale with a perfect set of characters. Also its great to see the confidence in your writing that you don't explain who Tank is. Anyone working on a MLP book or reading one will have that knowledge. It adds so weight to the page like it has importance I dig that.

  2. Nice us of the ponyverse to retell such a classic fable. I particularly enjoyed the wordlessness of the piece.


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