Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rainbow Dash – This One Time, at Flight Camp… – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Setting – the clouds. The tail of a filly-aged RAINBOW DASH is sticking out of the clouds as the rest of her sneaks around out of sight, headed in the direction of the right side of the panel.

SFX: sneak-a-sneak-a-sneak-a-sneak-a…

Panel 2: A young GILDA the griffon is sitting of on the right side of the panel, looking up at something that’s off-panel. RAINBOW DASH can barely be seen off to the left side of the panel, poking her head up out of the clouds where just her head from the eyes up can be seen. While we can’t see RAINBOW DASH’s mouth, her eyes tell us she’s wearing a prankster’s mischievous smile.

Panel 3: GILDA turns her head around in suspicion that someone is behind her. RAINBOW DASH, however, has ducked her head down in time to avoid being seen, a small disruption in the clouds where her head used to be the only sign that she was previously there.


SFX: sneak-a-sneak-a-sneak-a-sneak-a…

Panel 4: GILDA has a bit of a confused look on her face as she moves in the direction of where RAINBOW DASH’s head was in PANEL 2.

RAINBOW DASH’s head is poking out of the clouds from near where GILDA was sitting in PANEL 2 and PANEL 3, though we can again only see her head from the eyes-up.

Panel 5: GILDA turns her head around again to look where RAINBOW DASH was poking her head up in PANEL 5, but RAINBOW DASH has again slipped back out of sight.


SFX: sneak-a-sneak-a-sneak-a-sneak-a…

Panel 6: The top half of filly RAINBOW DASH is sticking up out of the clouds to the left side of GILDA, with her mouth open wide as she shouts something and her front legs held up in the air.

GILDA is reacting in a shocked surprise with eyes open as wide as possible and jumping up off the clouds. She’s still looking to the right of the panel away from RAINBOW DASH, and it’s very clear that RAINBOW DASH has successfully spooked her.





  1. Great piece of pacing that brings to mind classic Looney Tunes shorts. This is cute and lovely in all the best ways and just feels bang on for this book. Also you SFX: Sneak-a-sneak put a massive grin on my face great stuff.

  2. Nice work on the SFX and a definite Saturday morning short feel to it.

  3. I'm always jealous of how effortlessly you seem to write these kinds of all-ages pieces, MK. They just ooze with fun and personality, and this one is no exception. And once again, you kill it with your SFX. Love it.


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