Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why Kingpin?

Because knowledge is power. And money is power. And power is power. Wilson Fisk, created by John Romita Sr. and Stan Lee, has a gilded empire, a network of informants from Toronto to Tijuana, and is built like a brick fortress. He's everything a supervillain could aspire to be. He is the ultimate hustler, a criminal mastermind staying high enough above the puppets to cut the strings and run when the heat's around the corner.

So dust off your purple turtleneck, it's Kingpin week. And if you want to get in on the fun, we welcome your scripts in the comment section below.


  1. Kingpin: Paying Respects
    by Arby Moay

    Panel 1
    Night time. At the top of a building. In an empty rooftop restaurant. The Kingpin is eating at a table while two guards stand behind him.

    Panel 2
    From out the darkness, a man in a black suit with shoulder-length hair emerges. It's Jackie Estacado -- bearer of The Darkness.

    JACKIE: So, this is your turf, huh?

    KINGPIN: Yes, it is. Mister...?

    JACKIE: Jackie. Jackie Estacado.

    Panel 3
    Close-up of the Kingpin.

    KINGPIN: Are you planning to set up shop here, Mr. Estacado? I've heard of what happened to your family.

    JACKIE (Off-shot): Nah. Just passing through.

    Panel 4
    There're gunshots heard from inside the building (SFX: BANG! BANG! BANG!). Jackie looks back, annoyed. Part of The Darkness starts to manifest on his left arm.

    JACKIE: The fuck is that?

    KINGPIN (Off-shot): Just the Punisher. Or Daredevil. One of them.

    Panel 5
    Pull back. We see Jackie in full Darkness form while the Kingpin stays in his chair eating.

    JACKIE: Fine. I'll handle it.

    KINGPIN: Suit yourself.

    1. An interesting character combination here. I like the idea, but bits and pieces of the script confuse me and take me out of it.

      Kingpin doesn't know what Jackie looks like but knows about his background and family history. That doesn't quite match up.

      It also raises the question of why they are interacting and what relationship they have. Was Kingpin expecting Jackie? Were his guards? And why is Jackie handling whichever superhero is causing the ruckus?

    2. Thanks for the comment, and sorry for the confusion.

      Basically, the way I wanted it to play out was that Kingpin is sort off holding court like a King. So yeah, they're expecting Jackie.

      Also, I mean the Franchetti family is quite a big crime organization so I think Kingpin would've known about them. I made him say "Mister...?" to show that even though Jackie had a great organization (which ultimately fell), Kingpin doesn't care and implies that he is still far above Jackie.

      He chose to take care of it, frankly, just 'cause he's annoyed by it and the fact that it interrupted him, which, in hindsight, is a bit of a stretch to his character but the concept of him about to fight Punisher or Daredevil sounds fun.

      I hope that clears it up a bit.

      P.S.: I should say that this would be set around the time after the First Born event by Top Cow. Because that's what I just read a few days ago.

    3. This piece of dialogue

      JACKIE: The fuck is that?

      KINGPIN (Off-shot): Just the Punisher. Or Daredevil. One of them.

      Pure gold, your script is a cool and interesting combination of characters but it was this piece of dialogue that sold me on the whole thing.

  2. It's an interesting combination and concept. I feel like the dialogue would have been better served if you'd cut the heroes names.

    Just "One of them" would perhaps show some of the disdain Kingpin feels for the capes. Their names are beneath him, etc.

  3. Wanted to get him out from behind the desk, so...

    Kingpin of the Savage Land

    Issue #2

    Page 1


    The Kingpin grapples with a velociraptor, holding it in a headlock with his right arm while keeping the beast's leg at bay with his left arm.

    He is wearing the tattered remains of his iconic white/purple suit. Most of his massive torso is visible, covered in scratches and some deeper cuts.

    A group of Neanderthal villagers look on, awestruck.


    Close on the villagers. One looks to the others. None know how to react.


    Kingpin drops to the ground, pinning the dinosaur.


    Close in Kingpins face, strain and determination.



    Kingpin calmly tosses the reptile carcass at the feet of the villagers.

    His left hand is on his belly.

    KINGPIN: Medium rare please.


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