Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why Wrestlemania?

Because it's Wrestlemania.

Since March 31, 1985, it's been the showcase of the immortals, where champions become legends, underdogs beat the odds to reach the heights of victory, and the Deadman rises to challenge the living once more. It's the show of shows, the most extravagant night of them all. And it's a week from today. It's bombast and grandeur and hype and spectacle on an epic scale. So lace up your boots and start up the music, it's Wrestlemania week, and if you're interested in joining in, we welcome your submissions in the comment section below.


  1. Hehe. This was a fun concept to write. Sorry if I didn't exactly know what to put on Panels 4 and 5. I hope it works well enough!

    Panel 1
    In the squared circle, we see two wrestlers, Tripple H and Brock Lesnar, locked against each other, butting heads. In the distance, near the top of the panel, stands a red figure. Deadpool!

    DEADPOOL: Hey! Pause! Can you pause for a minute? This seat sucks!

    Panels 2 & 3
    Both panels closes in on Deadpool's position, with Panel 2 being where he was and Panel 3 being where he will be. Deadpool himself (who, yes, is wearing his typical red costume and is carrying swords and guns... I wonder how his conversation with the ticket guy and security went) is literally climbing out of Panel 2 and into Panel 3. His right hand is holding the border between Panel 1 and Panel 2, his left hand holding the border of Panel 3 and Panel 4, and his left foot stands on the border between Panel 2 and Panel 4.

    Panel 4
    Close up on Deadpool. He is looking on the top-left side of the panel where Panel 2&3 Deadpool was.

    DEADPOOL: Jeesh! Way to be tacky Past Deadpool. At least you look so damn good on that panel.

    Panel 5
    Close up of Deadpool. He is thinking. He places his hands on his chin. His eyes are looking upward to Panel 3.

    CAPTION (YELLOW): Yes... Yes, I do look awesome, don't I?
    CAPTION (WHITE): Oh yes, indeed.
    CAPTION (YELLOW): It's good to realize these things. Really takes my mind away from all those *Dead Presidents.
    CAPTION (YELLOW): Kidding! That was awesome!

    JERRY LAWLER (Off-shot): Oh my god! That was the greatest thing that's ever happened on Wrestlemania history! Tripple H and Brock Lesnar are both --

    DEADPOOL (overlaps with Jerry's ballon): Wait. WHAT?!

    *See Deadpool #1-#6

    Panel 6
    In the squared circle, Lesnar and HHH are both down. The referee is lying on the ground outside the ring. Deadpool stands significantly closer now than in Panel 1.

    DEADPOOL: NOooooo! Rewind! Rewind!

    A little Deadpool is running along outside the borders from Panel 6 heading to Panel 1.

    1. I loved that little touch at the end of Deadpool desperately racing back to the first panel, but the description of 2/3 could use some clearing up.

  2. I'm with Niel. 2 & 3 really could use some cleaning up.

  3. I like the ideas you have at work here, and deadpool climbing in and out of the panels is a cool visual gimmick but as the guys say it reads a bit rough in the description.

    However I do love your last panel and the idea that deadpool going back to panel one takes him back in time.

  4. Thanks guys! And yeah, I can definitely see what you mean as I did have quite a time in describing those panels. But yeah, basically, Deadpool is literally climbing out of Panel 2 and is about to jump into Panel 3, with the borders between each Panels acting as some sort of pipe or what-have-you that he can hold on to.


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