Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Masks and Mobsters - If It's Broke - Grant McLaughlin

The front page of the Golden City newspaper (I don't think there's an established name, so let's go with "The Golden City Reflection").  The headline reads "Towering Over Crime!".  There can be a picture of Tower punching out some criminals or something similar.

(1) CAPTION: Golden City has embraced a new type of hero.

Night time.  A group of mobsters are unconscious and tied up in front of a police station in Golden City.  Some police officers are standing around them.  One scratches his head in surprise, another starts cuffing the crooks, etc.

(2) CAPTION: They're seen as the new way to fight back against crime.  A better way to clean up the streets.

Day time (the next morning).  The mobsters are walking out of the police station, a police officer holding a door for them.  The mobsters are smug; the police officer deferential.

(3) CAPTION: But while their capes and bright costumes are new, the results are the same.

The mobsters are in a bar, celebrating their easy release.  They all have drinks in hand and laugh uproariously to show what a great time they're having.  A shadowy figure stands in the foreground, looking at them.  We can't make out any of his details.  A few mobsters notice him, but pay him little mind.

(4) CAPTION: The masks are little more than band-aids.  Instead of making a real difference, they just cover up the ugly problems that no one is prepared to fix.

Close-up of the gun that the mysterious figure is holding, its hammer pulled back and ready to be fired.  He points it at the mobsters.  The mobsters are obviously surprised and afraid by this, but they don't need to be visible on this panel.  The gun is really what matters.   The final caption is a "To Be Continued" type thing.

(5) CAPTION: No one, that is, except for me.

(6) CAPTION: Next: The Fix Is In!


  1. Nice page. I like the TBC caption. Gives it the feel of a Sunday Paper half-pager

  2. I really like that line in the caption from Panel 4.

  3. Great piece of story telling in one page. You say so much with such a limited space.

    Your captions are well written and your cliff hanger end moment is nicely picked, I for one would be back to see where this goes.


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