Friday, April 19, 2013

Masks and Mobsters - Union - J.D. Coughlan

SET-UP: I essentially had a similar idea to MK's, but further along. Various gangster supervillains have now rose up and now rival the amount of regular mob bosses. This is their first ever meeting together.

Panel 1: Wide shot, the usual crime boss meeting. Long table, bodyguards behind each boss. Descriptions of each boss to follow, but they should all be moody, cautious and tense. At the head of the table, a man in an all white suit and face-covering mask stands. This is Mr. Monochrome. His bodyguards are dressed in all black suits and masks.

MR. MONOCHROME: I won't waste time with pleasantries. You all know why we're here.

MR. MONOCHROME: We're more powerful now than when we started out, sure, but we still got the "heroes" on one side and the old bosses on the other, squeezing on us.

MR. MONOCHROME: The answer is obvious and you all know it. We need to join forces; pool our resources. Create our own Mafia -- get unionised.

Panel 2: Going round the room now. Close on Blackbeard. He is a pirate-themed villain. He is dressed in piratical gear, but nothing flamboyant; more dignified and dashing. Like an evil Errol Flynn. His clothes are mostly black and his beard (also black, obviously) is quite trim. He does have an eyepatch. He grins confidently. His bodyguards are dressed more like conventional pirates.

MR. MONOCHROME (O.P.): So, who's in?

MR. MONOCHROME (O.P.): Blackbeard?

BLACKBEARD: It's a bold venture, Mr. Monochrome. You have me and my crew.

Panel 3: Close on Dr. Robot. An eccentric mad scientist wannabe (really just a moderately smart science teacher turned to crime). He wears a labcoat and goggles, and his hair is unkempt. His bodyguards are dressed like old-school robots (they most definitely are not). He grins and gestures wildly.

MR. MONOCHROME (O.P.): Dr. Robot?

DR. ROBOT: Of course! Of course! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Panel 4: Close on The Duchess. She is a very upper-class older lady, dressed like royalty in extreme finery. Her bodyguards should be wearing something resembling Royal Guards. She turns her nose up snobbily.

MR. MONOCHROME (O.P.): Duchess?

DUCHESS: Hmph. We approve.

Panel 5: Close on the Russian Bear. A large, muscular man in a fur coat, with an old-fashioned boxer's moustache and bald head. His bodyguards are shirtless and of similar build. The Bear sits with his arms folded and a scowl on his face.


BEAR: ...Da.


This would continue until the inevitable "Why should we trust you" who then gets made an example of, but I didn't want to pack too much in. Really, this is just an excuse for me to use some supervillain ideas I had floating around.


  1. Jeez, these are really great villains. If these are some of the toys you've been hiding in your toolbox, I'd love to see them full blast. I would buy a Dr.Robot and Bear mini in a heartbeat, just on this alone.


  2. I like the ideas at play for the villains here. They seemed reminiscent of the 60's Batman TV show, zany and imaginative.

  3. Even though Dr. Robot is a human... I couldn't help but read the maniacal laughter as Bender :)

    Nice page.

  4. Your characters are so good here JD id read a full 22 page issue which was just panels of going around introducing all your wonderfully colourful villains.

    I need to read a book with the bear and blackbeard in stat! :)


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