Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Masks & Mobsters -Aftermath & Beginnings -Dan Hill


Day. THE TOWER (from issue #4) throws a devastating right hook towards one of the ROBOTS from Issue #2. The ROBOT’s back is against the side of a building. He’s got nowhere to go.

1 CAPTION:            Golden City was never the same after the masks made their mark.

FIXED PANEL: The ROBOT swerves out of the way, THE TOWER’s punch connecting with the side of the building, smashing a hole in the side of it.

    2 CAPTION:            It was like dropping a boulder in the middle of a pond.

WIDE PANEL: Night. The aftermath of the fight we saw in the previous two panels. The building the two adversaries were fighting by has collapsed, leaving only a pile of rubble.

The scene is surrounded by police officers and fire crews and circled by portable lights as they try and pick through the debris for any survivors.

3 CAPTION:            The ripples would be felt for decades, the course of history changed forever.

4 POLICE OFFICER 1:    Hey, buddy, can we get some light over here!        

We ZOOM IN on the destroyed building, focusing on a pair of POLICE OFFICERS frantically pulling debris from a particularly large pile.

    5 CAPTION:            In these, my twilight years, I often wonder how things might be if they hadn’t come along.

    6 POLICE OFFICER 2:    I think I see someone.

    7 POLICE OFFICER 1:    Jesus Christ, he’s still breathing.

ZOOM IN some more, a hand is now visible emerging from the same pile, the officers doubling their efforts to get to the poor soul before it’s too late.

    8 CAPTION:            Would the streets still have run red with blood?

    9 POLICE OFFICER 1:    I need more men over here!

    10 POLICE OFFICER 2:    Oh God, I know this guy.

ZOOM IN, now a CLOSE UP on the face of the man beneath the rubble. His face is criss crossed with a latticework of vicious, deep cuts.

    11 CAPTION:            Or would the tides of fate have washed us all to different shores?

    12 CAPTION:            Excerpt from ‘Golden City: My Time in Purgatory’ by Eliot Ness.
    13 POLICE OFFICER 2:    Hang in there Al, you hear me?


  1. Hi Dan,

    I really like this page.

    I haven't read Masks and Mobsters but I like how the names TOWER and ROBOT really tell me all I need to know :)

    Just wondering, is the guy in the rubble supposed to be Eliot Ness or,as the police officer calls him Al, is this someone from the comic?

    I like how the slow zoom along with the captions is used for more than just exposition. If this was a full book I guess this serves as an introduction to some of the themes.

    1. It's supposed to be Al Capone. In his earlier years he had the nickname Scarface and made up a story as to he how he got them (telling people he was part of the fabled Lost Battalion from World War 1 when in reality he received them in a bar fight).

      His wounds here and the cop calling out Al are supposed to be allusions to that.

      This strip is basically making the argument that even though history was changed by the arrival of the masks, some men seem to be destined to walk certain paths.

    2. Ah, yes... I should have made the connection from Ness to Capone. That's my memory for you.

      I like the page even more now :) Great work

  2. A beauty of a page, Dan. As always, your knowledge of history serves you well, resulting in an intriguing script that makes you think. Dig it.

  3. Grant sums this up for me Dan, the fact you always play to your strengths and make elements from outside of the comic medium work so well within your stories makes for pieces that are unique and interesting. Very nice work.


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