Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Masks & Mobsters – The New Kings of Crime – MK Stangeland Jr.

[Note: I’ve only seen the previews of the comic, so anything that doesn’t fit or is similar to what’s already happened in the comics is purely by coincidence.]

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: Location – the offices of the crime lord known as SICARIO. The place has just seen the conclusion of a shootout between SICARIO’s men and the members of gang calling itself THE NEW KINGS OF CRIME. The panel faces outwards towards the doorway, where in addition to a small team of the gangs minions – individuals wearing faceless masks and simply known as MINIONs – the three leaders of the gang are standing.

To the left is MR. CRIMINAL, a strong tough-looking man wearing a black suit, a fedora, and wearing a mask with a ‘?’ on it while wielding a shotgun; to the right is CRIMINAL DARWIN, who in addition to his white suit and top hat wears a mask that resembles the face of Charles Darwin and wields a tommy gun; and in between the two directly in front of the door stands their ringleader, THE NEW FACE OF CRIME (FACE), who wears a grey suit and bowler hat, holds a revolver in one hand, and wears a mask designed to have an array of simple faces on it that can quickly change when he turns a nob located on the side of the mask. At present, this mask has a simple smiley face on it.

FACE: Mr. Sicario! Just the man we were looking for!

Panel 2: SICARIO pokes his head up from behind the desk he hid behind during the shootout. A bullet passes by his head, far enough away to make it clear it was a warning shot.

SICARIO: Just who the **** do you think you…

SFX: Bang!

Panel 3: FACE has his weapon aimed out, with smoke coming out the barrel. His open hand is on the knob on the side of his head, and his ‘face’ is now one that’s a mix of neutral and annoyed.

SFX: flip

FACE: Now, now, Mr. Sicario. You don’t get to be a crime lord by being stupid, so I know you’re smart enough not to talk sass to a criminal with a loaded gun.

Panel 4: SICARIO hides behind his desk with just the top of his head poking up. He’s clearly been startled, moreso than before.

SICARIO: What…what are you doing?

FACE: (Off-panel) You can call it whatever you like, for all I care.

Panel 5: FACE grabs a chair and puts it down in front of SICARIO’s desk. His ‘face’ has been flipped back to a simple smile.

FACE (1): Hostile takeover, change in management. Whatever. Makes no difference to me.

FACE (2): All that’s really important is that you are being replaced.

Panel 6: FACE is sitting down, with CRIMINAL DARWIN standing over FACE’s right shoulder.

FACE (1): I’ll give the masks this much – they may be a pain in the ***, but they’re really on to something with the whole secret identity thing.

FACE (2): Tell him, Mr. Darwin.



  1. It's still too early to say whether or not the actual comic will go this route, but I dig the situation you've developed here. Your crooks appearances and names ooze personality, and I love what we see of Face here. Nice stuff.

  2. I've been on the fence all week, should I buy this series. You just convinced me that I should.

    Face is fantastic. Really cool script this week, MK.

  3. Like Grant says, it's too early to say whether this is an avenue the actual comic will explore. But I really like the concept of Face as a villain and the notion of the crooks getting larger than life too (which has been touched upon in the series too).

  4. A masterclass in creating characters with personality here MK. In one page I have all the information I need to know about your new kings of crime, great piece of writing.


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