Saturday, April 20, 2013

Masks & Mobsters - Whatever Happened to the Sidekick? - R.A. Wonsowski

(I beg forgiveness - I am completely unfamiliar with this property, but based on what I saw from my fellow Thoughtballooners, I offer this...)


Panel 1 - We are inside the large elevator of a luxury hotel.  The paneling is dark, rich wood, brass fixtures include the floor counter above the doors.  On the left, with two large,well dressed gunsels behind him, is the SIDEKICK - his hands are bound behind him, and the gunsels are holding him by the upper arms with their meaty hands.  The SIDEKICK looks about 16 or 17 years old - his blond hair is styled in a James Dean-style ducktail.  His costume is reminiscent of Robin's during the 1970's, but the color scheme should be yellow and blue, with a blue domino mask to match his cape.  His face is a combination of anger and fear as he struggles.  On the right, smoking the last of a cigarette, is the BOSS MAN.  His hair is slicked back with pomade, and he wears a black pinstriped Italian suit.  He has a pencil thin moustache, and he is smoking an expensive cigarette.  He stands a head taller than the SIDEKICK.

BOSS MAN:  Y'know, kid, I've had enough.  Enough'a you, and the Big Guy, and your Teenage Hero Crew.

BOSS MAN:  Thing is, you and your Cape'n'Mask pals just don't get it.

Panel 2 - Same as above, except BOSS MAN's grinding out the cigarette on the bottom of his shoe.  The SIDEKICK's sweating.

SIDEKICK:  Oh, we get it, alright...

BOSSMAN:  No, I don't think you do.  You're not listening...

Panel 3 - Same as above, except the floor counter has hit the top floor.  Everyone looks at the door: the thugs calmly, the SIDEKICK nervously.

BOSSMAN:  So now, I gotta send you a message...

SoundFX:  DING

Panel 4 - Big panel.  From inside the elevator, our point of view behind the BOSS MAN and the SIDEKICK, we see the doors open to reveal an exclusive bordello.  The interior is all red velvet and gold embroidery, and the women are all voluptuously, ridiculously cheesecake-bad-girl gorgeous, dressed in near-see-through tiny silken negligée.  A couple of girls drink champagne, and a redhead in the back reclines on a pile of money.  The girls are all seductively eyeballing SIDEKICK.


Panel 5 - Two-shot close up, the faces of BIG BOSS and SIDEKICK.  BIG BOSS is smiling closed-mouthed and one-sidedly to himself, SIDEKICK is slackjawed in disbelief.


Panel 6 - Same as Panel 5, but now BIG BOSS and SIDEKICK share the same smile.

SIDEKICK:  Message received...


  1. I'm not sure it fits the tone of Masks and Mobsters (darker somewhat) but it's a solid page and I like the two fixed panels at the end to sell Sidekick's reaction.

  2. It is perhaps a little darker than what we have seen from Masks and Mobsters thus far. However your page fits the style very nicely and is solid as heck. Big Boss and Sidekick are great characters who come to life in just one page, plus your switch at the end to have Big boss tempt Sidekick instead of killing him was a smart move. I totally dug this.


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