Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Quantum and Woody -Buckle Up- Dan Hill


The first five panels of this page are all thin, long and vertical.

Panel 1: A shot of QUANTUM sat at the bottom of the panel. He’s surrounded by darkness and is looking up towards the top of the panel where dim shafts of light dance around each other.

1. QUANTUM: This--

Panel 2: A shot of nothing but outer space-- stars as far as the eye can see.

2. CAPTION: “--is without--”

Panel 3: A faraway shot of our GALAXY spinning in its place in the vast cosmos.

3. CAPTION: “--a shadow--”

Panel 4: Again, nothing but outer space.

4. CAPTION: “--of a doubt--”

Panel 5: A shot of WOODY hanging upside down from the top of the panel. His feet are shackled by a pair of KIRBY-TECH looking foot restraints. His hands are manacled in a similar fashion. He looks down. We can’t see the floor. Wherever he is, it’s dark.

5. WOODY: --the worst day ever.

Panel 6: WIDE PANEL: A graph showing astro pulses in a graph like presentation. Kind of like this one: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/61/SETI@home_Astropulse_Screensaver.JPG

6. CAPTION: 24 hours.

7. CAPTION: Opposite ends of the galaxy.

8. CAPTION: Buckle up.


  1. YES!

    Brilliant set up. Besides being a funny book, Quantum and Woody had some solid stories in it - and this is just brilliant. Awesome work man!

  2. Great set up. Ticking clock and big questions introduced from the start. I like how the dialogue segues together. You could possibly gradient two caption box colours together as you cross the page.

  3. Excellent tease of things to come. Not giving too much away, but still tantalising.

  4. Truly awesome one pager. The set up is all you need up front and your spaced out dialogue (Pun intended) put a smile on my face. I can imagine this as a slow zoom out as the dialogue slow hits its beats.


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