Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quantum and Woody – Don’t Try This at Home - Ben Rosenthal

1.  A thin black panel running the top of the page.  It is the title, as seen in all Quantum and Woody comics.  It reads in white writing “Don’t Try This at Home”.

2.  Quantum and Woody are addressing a class of high school students.  Both are in their costumes with Quantum standing straight and trying to look professional as he speaks. Woody has his head turn towards the cute female teacher whom is standing near the door listening to them.

I have trained for years in martial arts and in the meta-sciences. I eat right, don't drink and exercise daily.

I played a lot of ‘Duck Hunt’ on the NES.

3.  A close up of Quantum and Woody.  Both are looking at the class (off panel – although it does look as if they are addressing the reader).  Woody has his hand up, pointing to Quantum with his thumb.

I wear a mask to protect others by concealing my identity.

His name is Eric.

My name IS Quantum.

4.  Still tight on Quantum and Woody.  Woody has reached behind Quantum’s head and his pulling off his mask from behind.  Quantum’s chin and mouth are exposed as he desperately tries to hold his mask in place with both hands as Woody pulls.

No, it’s Eric. 


5.  Still tight on Quantum and Woody who are now almost nose to nose.  Both are becoming equally as frustrated with each other.

If people find out who I am it would place my loved ones in danger.

Loved ones?  You don’t know anyone besides me.

6.  Exactly the same panel as before, with no dialogue.  Quantum and Woody continue to stare at each other intensely.

7.  Quantum has not moved.  Woody is addressing the class/reader once again.

We’re not a couple.


  1. Nice!

    I've only been made aware of this series through this weeks pick. From the pages I HAVE read you absolutely nail the tone.

    Excellent comedic timing and tomfoolery.

  2. Nice page Ben. I haven't read any Q&W either but it sounds good fun from your page.

    I especially like the duck hunt line :)

    Also, good work using the title to allow you to skip any expository dialogue in P1.

  3. As always your writing style shines in these comedic moments. Great pacing and perfect characterisation. Couldn't have been much better sir.


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