Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quantum and Woody. – The Quantum Conundrum of Jack Bauer. – Shaun Richens.

PAGE TWENTY – 8 Panels.
Layout. Page layout is similar in style to the spilt screens from the tv show 24.

1. Black title panel. The classic Quantum and Woody title font in white reads. “The Quantum Conundrum of Jack Bauer”

2. Close up on an iPhone type phone screen. The phone rests on a bedside table. A message has popped up on the phone screen.

It reads 24 missed calls: Eric.

3. A black panel with a digital clock read out overlaid on it. The clock reads.


4. QUANTUM in full costume sprints down a busy city street. He holds his cell phone to his ear.

QUANTUM: Woody! If my atoms break apart because you’re asleep I’ll …

5. Cut to WOODY fast asleep in bed.


6. The GOAT is eating a bundle of $100 bills.

CAPTION: *A story for another time.

7. Black panel. The classic Quantum and Woody white title font reads.

“Will Quantum and Woody Klang in time?*”

“*They honestly swear they’re not a couple.”


  1. ...and, we're BACK!

    Anyway, I like that you have so much going on here, and yet it stays coherent as a done-in-one-page gag. You even got the Goat in. However...

    You had me teased with that Jack Bauer reference at the top, left me hoping for something with more of a "24" feel.

    That being said, it's still an entertaining page in the Priest-Bright spirit. Klang.

  2. Entertaining page, but I have no idea what's going on with the goat.

    That said, it made me laugh like a loon.

  3. Really nice page. I love the layout.
    (anyone else here love the use of splitscreen in tv/film?)

    Can I ask why did you choose to include two title panels?
    Is the second one a lead for the next 1pager?


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