Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Quantum and Woody - What Are We Doing Here? - Grant McLaughlin

A black panel.  It is the title, as per the Quantum and Woody comics.  It reads in white writing "What Are We Doing Here?".

Quantum and Woody stand in line at a fast food joint.  Quantum looks upset, raising his arms in frustration; Woody looks surprised, as if he doesn't understand why Quantum is out of sorts.

1. WOODY: What do you mean?

2. QUANTUM: We have things to do!  We're in the middle of a patrol!  Evil won't stop itself, Woody!

The two men are at the front of the line, standing in front of the cashier.  Woody looks at Quantum, responding to his concerns.  Woody also takes the opportunity to order in the middle of his riposte.

3. WOODY: Look, I'm all for stopping evil and whatever, but I need to stop hunger first.

4. WOODY (aside): The Number 2 Combo for me.

The cashier goes to fill out Woody's order.  Woody and Quantum continue to argue off-panel while we focus on the cashier getting the food together.

5. WOODY (off-panel): I mean, how are you not starving?  I haven't eaten since second or third breakfast.  I'm dying over here.

6. QUANTUM (off-panel): You're truly the paragon of a balanced diet.

Woody looks to Quantum to see if he wants anything to eat.  Quantum crosses his arms and stares daggers back, not that Woody seems to notice.  The cashier comes back with Woody's order and looks towards him expectantly.

7. WOODY: Whatever, man.  Last chance here.

8. QUANTUM (icily) : I'll pass, thank you.

Quantum's stomach rumbles something fierce, causing him to look down in surprise.  Woody is equally taken aback, putting his arms up to protect himself from the sudden noise.  The cashier is also somewhat shocked.


Quantum puts a hand to his empty stomach.  Looking disappointed in himself, Quantum quietly places an order.  Woody is still shocked by what he's heard, wearing a bit of a blank expression on his face.  The cashier does a better job than Woody of regaining their composure.

10. QUANTUM (quietly): ...some fries and a Coke, please.


  1. Nice. It is something that would appear in the books, and is exactly the type of thing Woody would do just to antagonise Quantum, but it did feel a little lengthy.

    Panel 2 could be cut entirely, and I would think you could still get the idea of the page across by combining Panel 5 and 6.

  2. Hi Grant. Cool page.

    I agree with Ben that you could cut p2, but I think you need the change of expression between 5 and 6 to get what you are going for.

    Panel four could possibly be strengthened by having a few more exchanges and making the dialogue something that would be awkward to be stuck overhearing. Then you could focus on the cashiers unease with the situation.

    Good work... I'm hungry now :)

  3. Fun concept, I love when you put characters in everyday situations and let things play out. You hit some funny beats and your dialogue and set up are perfect for the characters.

    I do like Brian's idea of focusing on the cashiers reactions more, I work in retail and have overheard a lot of stuff I wish I hadn't. haha.

  4. Panels 5-7 are just perfect in tone and timing, a great pay-off to a pretty good gag. (Reminded me of "24" - y'know how we never see Jack Bauer eat or use the head - speaking of which...)


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