Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quantum & Woody – Split Personality Disorder – MK Stangeland Jr.

(QUANTUM and WOODY failed to connect their gauntlets in time! Fortunately, they were saved with the help of PROFESSOR VON RILETH [A character I made up because I haven’t read the series and don’t know if there’s already an appropriate character in existence for this kind of thing]. Unfortunately, the process fused them into one body. Were they better off dead? Or might there be hope for them yet?...)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: QUANTUM/WOODY looks into a mirror, the individual looking back at him has a shocked look on his face. The fused form should look roughly how you might expect if you visually blended the two individual characters – height half-way in between the two, a skin tone that sits roughly in the middle between QUANTUM’s dark and WOODY’s light, etc.

In the background of the mirror reflection is VON RILETH, who is shrugging and has an apologetic ‘I’m sorry, but I did what I had to please don’t hate me’ look on his face.

QUANTUM/WOODY: Wwhhaytd odiildo oykoluiek wdeoh atdoa bmaeby?!

Panel 2: QUANTUM/WOODY try to turn around, but trip as both individuals – sharing control of the body – try to do different things at the same time.

QUANTUM/WOODY (1): AWnhdyw hiast iistt hsios gdiibfbfeirciuslht…


Panel 3: As QUANTUM/WOODY lies on the ground, VON RILETH runs over to him and grabs his wrists.

VON RILETH: Again, terribly zorry. Let me feex zhis for ju…

Panel 4: Close up on QUANTUM/WOODY’s wrists as VON RILETH knocks the two wrist things they’re wearing together.

SFX: Clang!

Panel 5: Flash of light surrounding QUANTUM/WOODY’s form as he/they split back into QUANTUM and WOODY.


Panel 6: QUANTUM and WOODY are lying on the ground next to each other, both feeling highly disoriented.

WOODY: If that never happens again, it’ll be too soon.

VON RILETH: See, about zhat…



  1. Love the premise (I'm not familiar with the series either, and when I first, hurriedly read up on it, I mistakenly thought this was the actual concept behind it, heh). It's displayed bizzarely and brilliantly. Love the way they talk.

  2. Are the garbled words amalgamated from both of their dialogue or is it gibberish?

    If it is decipherable you could get some extra laughs in there.

  3. The concept is brilliantly funny set up and you make it all work in one page very neatly. I also like that you end on that little cliff hanger like these much more to this little tale.

  4. I like the concept, but feel that with dialogue from them it might have been a peg or two above.


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