Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Mandarin -Full Circle -Dan Hill

This is essentially a homage or play on the opening pages of Brubaker, Fraction and Aja's Immortal Iron Fist #1.


Panel 1: Wide panel: A panoramic shot of a paddy field nestled at the base of a mountain. We can see several WORKERS going about their business in the field.

1. CAPTION: Kun-Lun Mountain Range

Panel 2: Wide panel: DANNY RAND strides purposefully across the panel (from left to right) through the paddy field as the workers stop what they’re doing and watch.

Danny is in full Iron Fist costume (the updated Aja version). There are blur lines around his right arm suggesting the brisk pace he’s marching at.

2. CAP(MANDARIN): This village is insignificant...not even 300 wretched souls.

Panel 3: Wide panel: We’re looking slightly upward towards THE MANDARIN as he strides towards us with equal purpose. He’s dressed in modern combat gear (flak vest, etc). We can see the ten rings on his gloved hands glinting in the sun.

He’s surrounded on all sides by a cadre of men all dressed in similar gear. In the sky above them we can see helicopter gunships and drones.

3. CAP(MANDARIN): The armies of the Khan...

4. CAP(MANDARIN): Repurposed for a modern age. A modern Khan.


Panel 4: 
Wide Panel:
The workers in the paddy field are in the foreground of the panel. They watch as Danny continues his march forwards towards Mandarin’s forces gathering on the horizon.

Clouds have started to darken the sky. Strangely, both of Danny’s hands have started to glow, though we can’t see how from this distance.

6. WORKER: <Father...who--who is that?>

Panel 5: Wide panel: Mandarin’s hordes, their back to us, fill the majority of the panel as they race across the plain towards the lone figure of Danny in the background.

7. CAP(MANDARIN): Who am I?

8. CAP(MANDARIN): I am The Mandarin. Descendant of the great Khan.

9. CAP(MANDARIN): Thorn in the Great Satan’s side.

Panel 6: Wide panel: Danny fills the majority of the panel in a kung fu pose. His left arm is thrust towards us, glowing with the unbridled power of the chi.

His right hand, brought up near his face, but pointing out towards us, is wearing a REPULSOR GLOVE from the Iron Man armour. It glows with energy, ready to fire.

10. CAP(MANDARIN): And everything old is new again.


  1. To quote Danny Rand's partner: Sweet Christmas, Mr. Hill. Everything about this page hits me where I live. I am a huge fan of THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST, and juxtaposing him with the Iron Man mythos is genius. You homage Brubaker-Fraction-Aja dead on in style, and a military Mandarin just shy of K'un-Lun is a terrifying prospect to say the least. I am absolutely blown away.

    Well crafted page, sir. Standing-O.

  2. In six panels you have put your own fantastic spin on both the Mandarin and Danny rand, whilst showing us the stakes at play in your story and leaving us with a hero facing an army. This is great comics writing.

  3. I'm with the lads. This is a great page.

    I love the questions the gauntlet throw at the reader while they are still adjusting to the threat of the Mandarin.

    A slow march forward. Chinese drums are playing in my head :)


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