Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Mandarin - Pain to Come - R. A. Wonsowski

PAGE 22 Layout:

Panel 1 - Background: TONY STARK, tied to a chair, obviously beaten, face bloodied, suit stained wth dirt and dried blood, drenched in sweat, tie askew.  He looks unconscious.  He is in a dimly lit cave-like room.  Foreground is a clear glass bowl on a wooden table.


Panel 2 - Same as above except a colorful golden ring is dropped in the bowl.

SoundFX:  TiNG

Panel 3 - Same as above as another ring is dropped in the bowl, TONY starts to turn his head toward the sound.

SoundFX:  TiNG

Panel 4 - Same as now 3 rings ar dropped in the bowl, TONY tries to open his eyes.

(off-panel):  Ah.  He stirs.

SoundFX:  TiNG ting TiNG

Panel 5 - Same; the other 5 rings are dropped into the bowl as TONY tries weakly to lift his head.

(off-panel):  I thought we would try something a little different, this time.

SoundFX:  TiNGting TiNG TNG tling

Panel 6 - Our p.ov. is now to look down on Tony, a shadow falls across his beaten face as helooks up into the face of his torturer.

(off-panel):  You without your weapons, I without mine.

(off-panel):  Tell me, Anthony.  Without our little technologies, who would inspire more fear.  You...

Panel 7 - Reveal of the MANDARIN.  He wears an olive green three-piece suit with a white silk shirt and a golden yellow tie.  He is cloaked in a black cape,and his long hair is wild.  However, his face is no longer human, but a thin humanoid version of a Chinese dragon, grinning toothily, hungrily.  His skin is a mottling of green and crimson.  His hands are elongated, sinewy, and clawlike that taper into talon-like finger nails.

MANDARIN:  ...or ME?

CAPTION:  Next Month:  The Mandarin Heralds The Beyond Dragons RETURN!!!


  1. I love the rings slowly dropping. Great way to build tension. Great set-up, but it feels a little hollow. Maybe 'cause I'm sadistic and wanted to see Mandarin beat up Stark.

  2. I like the way you build tension with the sound and action of the rings being dropped.

    Surely the Mandarin is cheating somewhat with his Dragon form though, right? :P

  3. Totally agree with the others that use of the rings to slowly build tension and as a clue for your reveal was very well done.

    I also like the set up of the pair being stripped back to no powers. It feels like a cocky move a villain such as the Mandarin would pull.

  4. Nicely written page that suggest some intense theatrical lighting. Good work.


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