Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why Quantum and Woody?

A you may have seen, especially over the past few months I (Ben) like funny. Most of all, I like funny in funny books (comics to those of you not stuck in the 1950's).  It is books like Joe Kelly's Deadpool run that have shaped me into the writer I am today - so now you know ho to blame.

However Deadpool wasn't the only character whom I took inspiration from.  In fact I would say he took second place behind the World's Worst Super Hero Team - Quantum and Woody. 

Put simply, due to a scientific accident in their departed dads labs, childood friends Eric and Woody become entwined when their bodies are transformed to pure energy. The only way they can prevent his from happening is by clanging control bands together every 24 hours.  Along with their (well, Woody's) friend Vincent Van Goat the two go about solving crimes and saving the day.

Just don't call them a couple.

You can grab all of the first run of Quantum and Woody over on comixology (thanks to me....true story), and be sure to pre order the NEW Quantum and Woody series coming this June.

In the meantime, place your page featuring the boys below!


  1. 1.

    A thin black panel running the top of the page. The title in white writing reads “Movie Night”.


    TV (jagged): Tonight on CMD TV...

    Quantum and Woody chilling out on the couch. Snacks and beer stocked up at either side. A jumbo tub of popcorn sits between them. The top of the TV they are watching can be seen in the FG. They look relaxed and both watch the screen with passive interest.


    TV: Eddie Murphy & Nick Nolte in 48 HOURS...

    Both look at each other excitedly.


    TV: Mel Gibson & Danny Glover in LETHAL WEAPON...

    Both lean forward, staring at the TV, smiles and eyes widening. They are each opening a can of beer.


    TV: Paul Newman & Robert Redford in BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID...

    Woody knocks back his head and takes a gulp of beer. Quantum holds his beer on the couch arm. They high-five with their free hands. (note: each holds his beer with the arm closest to the outside of the panel and they high-five with the "inner" arms.)


    TV: Our midweek documentary explores loving male relationships in Buddy Movies. Introducing: TRUE BROMANCE.

    Woody spits out his beer. Quantum looks awkwardly off panel. This has interrupted them both simultaneously grabbing a handful of popcorn from the tub in the middle.

    1. This put a smile on my face. Very funny set up played out really well here. That last panel is worth all the build up.

      Also, and Im not sure if this just me abut i picked them in costume the whole time, which made it even funnier. haha.

  2. The visual continuity plays nice with that last panel beat. Good stuff.


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