Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wonder Woman -The Automatons of Salto Angel -Dan Hill

Apologies for the late posting on this. It was a whole thing. 


Panel 1
Wide. We’re looking through a pair of binoculars, peering down into a jungle clearing.

Wherever the observer is, it’s high up. The clearing is teeming with GERMAN SOLDIERS (circa WW2) setting up a large camp and constructing a building of some kind. Swathes of trees and fauna have been cut down to make way for whatever it is they’re building.

VOICE:                This doesn’t look good.

VOICE:                I’m guessing there’s at least eighty, maybe a hundred men down there.

VOICE:                God help us if they find what they’re looking for. Are you getting this down?

Panel 2
Cut to a close up on a grim-faced CARTER HALL, facing us, as he lowers the binoculars slightly. He’s dressed in jungle fatigues.

CARTER:                You’re not even listening, are you?

Panel 3
Zoom out to see WONDER WOMAN approaching Carter. We can just about make out that we’re on a peak of some kind, a mountain maybe?

WONDER WOMAN:            No.

Panel 4
Wide. We are looking up at the magnificent vista of the Angel Falls in Venezuela. The water gushes down towards us.

WONDER WOMAN:            Not with this view.

CAPTION:                Angel Falls, Venezuela, 1942.

WONDER WOMAN:            Besides...

Panel 5
Profile shot. CARTER, on the left of the panel, stands stern faced. He’s looking up slightly at WONDER WOMAN, on the right of the panel, as she smiles playfully.

The panel cuts off at their waist and blue sky stretches out behind them both.

WONDER WOMAN:            I’m not your secretary, Carter.

WONDER WOMAN:            Come on...

Panel 6
Fixed panel. WONDER WOMAN falls backwards, the smile still on her face.

WONDER WOMAN:            Let’s go get our hands dirty.

Panel 7
Wide. A panel dedicated to the credits panel and the story title presented in a manner befitting all things pulp.

Title: Wonder Woman and Hawkman Versus the Automatons of Salto Angel.


  1. I like this page.

    WonderWoman comes across as living in the moment, enjoying life and about to enjoy a good scrap.

    Very like how hercules is portrayed in various mediums, or even a bit like the brave and the bold aquaman... Without being over the top.

    She is "bigger than life" amidst a vista that would make most men (women) seem small.

    I do wonder why Carter is expecting her to write down the details. Is this a military thing?

  2. Good god can you pick a setting, Dan. Even imaging this I can't help but see how gorgeous it looks. I love how you manage to fit in the hints of a nefarious plot while keeping the dialogue light and fun. I love your visuals and I love your Wonder Woman.

  3. WOW, Dan, you reallyfired on all cylinders for this script: the characteristics of your protagonists are crucial, your setting is epic, your set-up is daring, and your title is inspired. I would love to see this drawn, especially in that DeZuniga 80's style, like in All-Star Squadron. Standing O, sir.

  4. This is a close to perfect as I've seen, damn you and your talent Mr Hill. :)


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