Monday, April 8, 2013

Wonder Woman - The Cosplay Effect - Ben Rosenthal.

1.  A title running across the top of the page.  It reads:

The Cosplay Effect.

2.  A plain looking girl in glasses with black hair is battling the hordes at a comic convention.  She is being ignored by the plethora of smelly nerds, one even bumping into her and not noticing.


3.  The same girl is now at a very similar looking convention with the same nerds in attendance.  However she is now dressed as Wonder Woman.  All of the nerds are now gazing upon her, taking photos and ensuring they are standing out of her way.  One is even passing out.

Six Painstaking Months of Sewing Later….

Can I have a picture?

NERD 2 (Male)
Can I have your babies?

My asthma!


  1. Haha. Oh, Ben. A simple piece that brought a smile to my face.

  2. There's something sad about this piece. Not what you've written here, per say, but how true to life it comes across.

  3. I think Diana Prince went through the same thing with Steve the FORTIES!!!

    Fun script, Ben.

  4. I've seen this a many a time unfortunately :(

    Fun script, though.

  5. A sharp, scathing, simplistic, satirical, shameful look at one of the unfortunate sides of comicdom.

  6. A sad yet honest looking at one side of comic fandom that gives it a slightly bad name.

    I do like how you pull with page off with witty and fun that takes some of the nasty true to life edge out of it. Fun page.


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