Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wonder Woman – Messing With the Classics – MK Stangeland Jr.

(2 Panels)

Panel 1: Splash Page! WONDER WOMAN is hunched over and holding a massive greek-style stone column on her back (This type of thing, for reference). She’s tied to the column with her LASSO OF TRUTH, keeping her arms and waist bound to it.

WONDER WOMAN looks ticked off, but the entire image should NOT be one of WONDER WOMAN being helpless, but rather one suggesting she’s about to put the hurt on, as she was previously tied to the column while it was still standing and has since pulled the column out of position but not yet freed herself from her lasso.

Standing at the ‘top’ end of the column are two faceless soldiers who are nonetheless surprised by this turn of events, and aren’t quite sure how to respond.

WONDER WOMAN: So is one of you going to be a gentleman and untie me?

Panel 2: Close up on WONDER WOMAN’s face.

WONDER WOMAN: Or do I need to start getting violent now?



  1. Heh, I liked this.

    It plays on the trope of Wonder Woman being tied up, but by then tying her to the Greek column it suggests maybe the character hasn't moved past her..well...her past.

    Nice title to fit in with this too.

  2. I liked this, MK. Golden Age good-girl cheesecake with a modern woman attitude.

  3. Great "impact" page; all you need to know in one image. Plus, as Ray said, very classic Wondy with a modern edge.

  4. Great mix of themes that are close to the heart and core of wonder woman to build an a splash page with impact on a number of layers. This is a prime example of when is splash is worth its space.

  5. I dig it. Lots of little things going into this splash, making it more complex than it initially appears.


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