Friday, April 12, 2013

Wonder Woman - Nothing But The Truth - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Wide panel. Wonder Woman stands before the United Nations Security Council. She is calm, professional, serious.

DIANA: I came to Man's World all those years ago with a simple mission...

DIANA: World peace.

DIANA: And while I have used almost every weapon and tool at my disposal to strive towards this goal -- whether by sword and strength or by diplomacy and reason -- there is one I have neglected the full use of.

Panel 2: Flashback. A dirty cave acting as a hideout. Wonder Woman has a Middle Eastern terrorist leader tied up in her golden lasso. She is angry. He looks defeated.

DIANA (CAP): I am sure you have all heard what happened in Qurac...

DIANA: Tell me -- Tell us all why you founded this terrorist cell! Why you kill hundreds of innocents!

Panel 3: Flashback continued. Close on the terrorist leader. He looks down shamefully.

LEADER: I... It's not even about religion... I just want the power... To make people do what I say...

DIANA (CAP): I did it to demoralise him and his followers, but it occurred to me...

Panel 4: Present again. Close on Diana. As before, but slightly more melancholy.

DIANA: I am used to wars of honour. Fought for purpose. But there are so many in Man's World who simply use violence to further their own agendas.

DIANA: And so, I shall be using the greatest weapon in my arsenal -- Truth -- much more often in future.

Panel 5: Close on the members of the Security Council, looking slightly worried.

DIANA (O.P.): Starting with my allies.



  1. ...well...not too much faith in our political leaders, eh?

    Well, I wouldn't mind a Themyscirian Political Clearing House round these parts...

    Cool page.

  2. Cool idea and a rather chilling finally panel that fits with the darker more brutal side of Wonder Woman.

  3. A hard hitting Diana that will not take guff from anyone. The setting here really reminds me of Greg Rucka's ambassador Wonder Woman, although she's a little more aggressive here than when Rucka was writing her. I'd definitely be on board for this kind of yarn.


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