Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wonder Woman - Reminders - Grant McLaughlin

This is most definitely set in the old DCU.  Diana and Cassie have been challenged by a group of gods to a great battle and have but a short while to ready themselves.  While they've been training and preparing, today they are walking through the Mall in Washington D.C. on a beautiful summer day.  They are far from the only people taking advantage of this weather.

1 - Diana and Cassie walk along the Mall wearing civilian clothing.  Diana looks calm and content.  Cassie is clearly nervous about the upcoming conflict.

(1) CASSIE: Diana, what are we doing here?  Shouldn't we be getting ready?

(2) DIANA: We are doing just that.

2 - Cassie's nervousness now gains a significant level of confusion.  Diana remains calm, gesturing and pointing to the people around them.

(3) CASSIE: Sorry?

(4) DIANA: Look around, Cassie.

3+ - Have a number of panels of people enjoying the day.  People playing catch, people being in love, people walking their dogs, families doing family things together, and the like.  Have as many of these as you think necessary.  The goal here is to show people being happy and living their lives.  No dialogue is necessary.


X - Final panel.  Maybe wide.  Return to Diana and Cassie.  Diana is happy, Cassie finally understands what they're doing there.

(5) DIANA: When going into any battle it is important to be physically prepared, but it is just as valuable to remember what exactly you are fighting for.

Sorry for the somewhat vague layout.  Hope it wasn't too confusing.  I wanted to try to highlight boths ides of who Wonder Woman is with my piece.  I'm not sure it was a success, but this is what I came up with.


  1. Nice character piece, one that shows Wonder Woman as a thinker as well as a warrior.

  2. I agree, but I also think you tap into the idea of Wonder Woman as not just the ideal, but ambassador of those ideals. The fact that you chose that particular site, the Washington Mall, with the emphasis you place on life being lived, also reflects on Diana as the warrior during peacetime. Nice piece, Grant.

  3. Nice quiet "in-between" page that really captures what makes Diana unique, in my opinion. That little extra human touch under the warrior.

  4. I think you pull off your aim very well sir. This is a beautiful calm before the storm vibe to it.


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