Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wrestlemania -And Time Can Do So Much- Dan Hill

I came up a blank with this one I'm afraid. So I tried to be cute and clever. 


Panel 1
A wide establishing shot of the ring at Madison Square Garden, circa March 31st 1985.

On the left of the panel/ring is SPECIAL DELIVERY JONES. In the middle of the ring, microphone in hand is HOWARD FINKEL, wearing his usual smart attire. On the right hand side of the ring/panel is JIMMY HART, a REFEREE and the monstrous man mountain that is KING KONG BUNDY.

FINKEL:                    --from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing two hundred, thirty nine pounds, SD Special Delivery Jones**.

CAPTION:                    Time is a funny thing. There are times when it seems to speed up.

CAPTION:                    Usually when you want a moment to last forever.

Panel 2
Close up on SPECIAL DELIVERY JONES, beaming at the crowd.

CAPTION:                    There are times it seems to slow to a crawl.

Panel 3
Close up on BUNDY, glowering, his bald head glistening under the show lights.

CAPTION:                    Usually when you’re looking forward to some point in the future.

Panel 4
Cut to JONES bouncing himself off the ropes, powering towards BUNDY like a freight train.

CAPTION:                    I’d like to take this moment to point out that as comic creators you can use this to your advantage.  

Panel 5
Cut to BUNDY crushing JONES against the turnbuckle, stomach first.

CAPTION:                    A lifetime can last a moment.

Panel 6
BUNDY slams down stomach first onto JONES who is lying prone on the mat.

CAPTION:                    A moment can last a lifetime.            

Panel 7
The REFEREE holds BUNDY’s arm aloft in victory.

CAPTION:                    Comics are awesome.

CAPTION:                    **The match this strip depicts lasted less time than it took you to read it. 


  1. One of the things I love most about comics is their depiction of time, and you capture that beautifully here. The captions may be a tad heavy-handed, but with this being just a script with no picky-a-tures, I may not have picked up on what you were going for without them.

  2. A very fun use of the comics format to relive a real life moment. I nice piece of comic craft Mr Hill.

  3. I agree that the captions are maybe a a little heavy-handed, but this does make for a good illustration of some of the possibilities for depicting time in the medium.


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