Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wrestlemania – Lord of the Rings (Pt. II) – MK Stangeland Jr.

After an initial hostile takeover attempt was rebuffed, MURDOCH and REILLY have decided that the best way to strike back would be for the SQUARED CIRCLE WRESTLING ‘team’ to break in to WRESTLEMANIA – which KINGPIN already has his hands on - and hijack a spot in the show. They are currently backstage at the event.)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: MURDOCH and REILLY stand backstage at WRESTLEMANIA along with as many of the SCW regulars as can be seen. REILLY looks like he’s still recovering from having been thrown out a window (it was a very hostile takeover attempt).

On the floor are the unconscious bodies of the people the SCW people beat up in order to secure their current position.

MURDOCH: ‘Step 2 – Sneak into the backstage area and hijack another wrestlers entrance is now complete.’

REILLY: Now we just need to wait for them to announce this guy and make our entrance!

Panel 2: MURDOCH and REILLY look at JACK HEART, who has an arm half-heartedly up in the air.

JACK HEART (1): Question.

JACK HEART (2): What’s going to keep them from throwing all of us out the moment we show our faces?

Panel 3: Pulled out shot to show all the members of SCW who are present.

REILLY: Aside from numbers?

Panel 4: Return to position of PANEL 2, though JACK HEART no longer has his hand half-way in the air.

MURDOCH: They wouldn’t dare try. To throw us out would be an affront to the proud tradition of Wrestlemania!

JACK HEART: Uh…isn’t this an affront to the proud tradition of Wrestlemania?

Panel 5: MURDOCH and REILLY look at each other.

MURDOCH: A twist surprise appearance by an unexpected challenger?

REILLY: Competitors with a grudge and something to prove?

Panel 6: MURDOCH and REILLY wave off JACK HEART’s concern.

MURDOCH: I’m pretty sure this is right up Wrestlemania’s ally.

REILLY: Fan’s will love it.


(To be continued…???)


  1. HA!!! Nice tie-in to last week's strip. Pretty fun, all around.

    Part III?...

    1. Possible depending on what picks come in the future, but I'm not going to make any promises or guarantees.

  2. This is super fun. Your Jack Heart is brilliantly written and I love how the whole scene bounces off of him.

    The last two panels are great as well, the joke is bang on and you pull it off without it seeming forced, which can happen with an insider type joke.

    Nice work MK.

  3. Excellent use of wrestling tropes to sell the jokes in this script. Very light-hearted and very fun.

  4. Great follow up (conclusion?) to this two parter. I dug the tone and the humour was spot on.

    I always find comedy extremely hard to write, so hats off to you.


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