Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WrestleMania - The Main Event - Grant McLaughlin

Please forgive the self-referential / metatextual nature of my script this week.

1 - A young Grant is on his knees, begging his mother, but she stands with her arms crossed, refusing to budge.

(1) CAPTION (GRANT): When I was young, my mother forbid me from watching wrestling.

2 - A young Grant sits on the floor close to a TV that is showing wrestling.  He is in the basement and the overhead lights are off.  The only source of light is the TV screen, which pours over Grant.  There's going to be a couple of these scenes.  Feel free to change the television size and type each time to further illustrate the passage of time.

(2) CAPTION (GRANT): ...so I obviously watched the heck out of it behind her back.

(3) TV (quietly): "...Welcome to Monday Night Raw..."

3 - A slightly older Grant now sits on the couch, watching wrestling on TV with the lights on and regular volume.  He is now in the living room of the house.

(4) CAPTION (GRANT): Discovering the true success of her edict, she relented, and I watched for many years.

(5) TV: "...Stand back! A Hurricane's coming through..."

4 - The spiritual successor to panel 1.  A now high school aged Grant is once again his knees, begging his mother, but she once again stands with her arms crossed, refusing to budge.

(6) CAPTION (GRANT): But while my mother conceded defeat on the viewing issue, I never convinced her on the "pay-per" part of it.

5 - Another living room shot.  The television is off and no one is in the room, to show that Grant has stopped watching.

(7) CAPTION (GRANT): So when I eventually fell out of the habit of watching, I did so having never seen a single Wrestlemania.

6 - (Present day) Grant and his friend sit on a couch at his friends house, watching television.  The Wrestlemania logo appears on the screen.  Grant looks a little pensive.

(8) CAPTION (GRANT): And while wrestling has changed a lot since I used to follow it, part of me is still curious about what I always missed...

(9) TV: "...this weekend, April 7th..."


  1. A personal and honest tale of growing up but never losing that part of your childhood. I loved this Grant.

  2. Good use of repeating visual motifs etc to get across the passage of time.

    Nice personal aspect to this too.


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