Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Conan- Blowback -Dan Hill


Panel 1: The face of KING CONAN, cast in stone, stares unblinkingly at us. He’s in his mid fifties.

1 CAPTION: 10 years after The Hour of the Dragon.

2 ADH(CAPTION): The mighty king stood proud and tall.

Panel 2: SMASH! The head of the statue shatters into tiny fragments.

3 ADH(CAPTION): His shadow cast itself over all of Aquilonia.

Panel 3: Thick, sturdy looking, ropes are wrapped around the arm and torso of the statue.

4 AN ADH(CAPTION): We live in that shadow. We are the whispers, the stories that will not die.

Panel 4: Tight on thick, dirt-covered, hands as they pull at the ropes.

5 AN ADH(CAPTION): We are the secrets that cannot be shared.

Panel 5: Wide panel: Three figures stand with their back to us in front of the statue. In the middle, a tall and imposing figure, a battle axe strapped to his back. He wears furs and a patchwork of armour. To his left is a lithe woman dressed in wolfskin, a dagger on each hip. To his right is a short, wide, sparkplug of a man. No force on earth looks like it could move him. He has no visible weapon. His fists are the size of small boulders. These are his weapons.

Before them the statue of King Conan is being pulled down by a large number of MERCENARIES and SOLDIERS tugging at ropes tied around it.

6 ADH(CAPTION): We are the dark past come forth to claim a brighter future.

Panel 6: Wide panel: Tight on the three figures facing us. In the middle is ADH, short hair cropped into a mohawk, dark warpaint daubed across his face. The women to his left, AIGNE, has a feline quality to her features, her long dark hair braided with tribal decoration. To Adh’s right is NEART. He’s almost cro-magnon in appearance, a golem made flesh.

7 ADH(CAPTION): We are the bastard children of King Conan, offspring of whores, commoners and the downtrodden.

Panel 7: Wide panel: As Panel 5 but we pull back further to see an assembled army numbering in the thousands standing behind the trio. They all throw up their fists and arms in triumph as the statue shatters on the ground.

8 ADH(CAPTION): And we will be heard.


  1. Hi Dan,

    Really nice page. Would be a really interesting page one, but I see you've written it as page 22 which makes me very curious what events lead to here :)

    Reminded me of a takedown of Saddam's statue in Iraq (remember the one when they put the US flag on his head, before thinking "oops" and replaced it with an Iraqi one)

  2. Epic piece of fantasy storytelling. In one page you throw an army at Conan's old ways and have him torn down.

    You write character descriptions so damn well here too, each character is just the right side of being over the top.

    I totally dug this man.

  3. I really dug this script, Dan, primarily for the reason that while Conan's qualities make him a fantastic pulp hero, they are the qualities of a tyrant when he rules. You bring this out nicely, indirectly. A perfect example of the "show, don't tell" rule.


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