Thursday, May 16, 2013

Conan – Shroud of A Monster - Shaun Richens.


1. A large campfire burns bright against the starless night sky. Rough tents made of animal furs are dotted around the campfire. A lone warrior, clad in a mixture of furs and old armour sits awake as the camp sentry, his rusted battleaxe in hand.

The eyes of a watching pack of  ‘VAMPIRE’ BANDITS speckle the dark horizon with a menacing glow.


2. The camps tents are all a blaze. The lone warrior lies dead on the ground, as do a dozen of the other camp travellers, some women and child. The BANDITS, all of whom wear black furs and patchworks of bronze chainmail, crawl amongst the corpses. The bandit leader NANG sits on his haunches over the fallen warrior. His mouth wide open and covered in blood, all his teeth have been sharpened to points.

CAPTION CONAN: Only cowards need to wrap themselves in a shroud of a monster, to make use of the fear of myth to give power where there is none.

3. Small panel, tight on the warriors neck, a huge chunk of flesh as been bitten from it.


4. The sun beats down on the aftermath of the night-time attack. Dry blood stains the earth all around the corpses.

CONAN knees next to a corpse, examining the neck area. He wears leather armour and has his long sword strapped to his back and a small dagger on each hip. His large white horse stands waiting for him.

CONAN: Drinking the blood of your enemies’ is to give your enemy strength, even in death.
CONAN: And no true warrior would find an enemy in one’s so innocent.

5. Conan holds the severed head of Nang by the hair in one hand as he walks from the entrance of a dark cave. Splashes of blood are dotted over his furs and armour, a calm look covers his stone face.

CAPTION CONAN: To be bold in the eyes of Crom is to spill the blood of your unworthy foe and have your blade be the summons to hell for such false men.


  1. I like the pacing, and the events that were actually depicted in the panels. However, some of the captions felt like run on sentences in this instance.

  2. I'm with Dan on the captions - they need a little tightening up. Maybe try breaking them into shorter sentences.

    Love the page though - the non vamp vamps are cool. Good work Shaun.


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