Friday, May 17, 2013

Conan - The Swift, The Strong, and The Wise - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Conan, bloodied and battered, runs through a jungle, sword in his hand. Although he is determined, there is a touch of fear in his expression.

CAPTION: There are many skills a warrior must possess in order to be victorious in battle.

Panel 2: Close on Conan as an arrow shoots through his shoulder. He grimaces in pain. Blood splatters.

SFX: thwik


CAPTION: He must be swift, to evade his enemy's blows.

Panel 3: Conan looks over his shoulder to see his attacker, a large warrior armed with many weapons, some distance away, putting away a bow and pulling out a large mace.

CAPTION: He must have strength, not just in his body but in his heart as well, for his enemy will be without mercy.

Panel 4: Wide panel. Conan has fallen against a tree. He should look a wreck at this point; arrow still in his shoulder, blood everywhere. He weakly points his sword at his attacker, who is on the other side of the panel, grinning and striding forward wielding his mace.

CAPTION: Swiftness and strength are all that is required for a warrior's triumph.

CAPTION: But to be more than triumphant, more than victorious, to become a legend whose very name inspires defeat in one's enemies, a warrior will need something more...

Inset: Conan's sword falls onto a vine, cutting it.


Panel 5: Wide panel. Same shot as before, but now a large rock, with vines tied around it, has fallen onto the attacker, crushing him to a pulp.


CAPTION: For there is no weapon more deadly than wisdom.



  1. Solid page. I like the fact that it highlights Conan isn't your typical cliched barbarian, that he has some brains to go with that brawn.

  2. I like your villain... You've only said that he carries a load of weapons, but in my mind he is the Conan-syle Casey Jones :D

    Too bad he's SPLCH'd!


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