Sunday, May 12, 2013

Conan - What Lies Beneath - Grant McLaughlin

Conan is traveling through a jungle with a group of warriors / adventurers (say a dozen men and women, give or take).

1 - Establishing shot of the dense, dark jungle.  Conan walks along with a group of capable (and dangerous) looking adventurers.  They aren't facing any immediate threat, but they are at the ready and the rigours of the journey has taken a toll on the group.

(1) CAPTION: Conan the Cimmerian had always preferred to travel alone rather than put his life in the hands of strangers.  However, he also knew that some circumstances warranted more than one set of hands.

(2) CAPTION: Crossing the dense jungles of Keshan was one such instance.

2 - The group is climbing a steep hill / cliff.  One of Conan's fellow travelers, a lean archer, stands at the crest, offering hand to Conan to help him reach the top.  Conan accepts the aid and they clasp arms as the archer pulls him up.

(3) CAPTION: And Conan was pleased to discover that some of these hands could be trusted.

3 - Night.  The group has made camp and is sitting around a fire.  They are divided into smaller sub-groups varying in size from 1 to 3 people.  Conan sits with a few companions, sharing the meal and some laughs.

(4) CAPTION: Similar situations throughout the years had yielded Conan a plethora of comrades and allies throughout the lands of Hyboria.

4 - Focusing on other members of the group, it is evident that some of the fellow travelers are not as impressed with our hero.  Expressions range from indifferent to hostile as they eat their meals away from the barbarian.

(5) CAPTION: But he was well aware that past travels had also earned him more than his fair share of enemies.

5 - The fire has been extinguished.  The group has settled into sleep.  It is dark, perhaps eerily so (for mood purposes).  However, Conan is still distinguishable, as he lies on the edge of the group.

(6) CAPTION: Conan rarely gave second thought to the latter.

6 - Close-up of Conan's eyes in the darkness.  They remain open, looking suspiciously to the potential threats from off-panel.

(7) CAPTION: ...but they were difficult to ignore knowing that one of his current companions had been tasked with his death.


  1. Hi Grant.

    Nice set up. You've chosen your panels wisely, they tell the story very well. I think because of this it would stand with very little dialogue. Maybe just a cap in the last panel setting up the assassin?

    Cool page with a good hook.

  2. Nice slow build-up to that final line. Creates a feeling of being surrounded.

  3. I love a tale of a band of adventures and this is brilliantly done. You create a tense set up in a dense and forbidding environment, then hook us with some wonderfully written captions that enhance your great panel descriptions.

  4. Ironically, the narration here gives it a 'story around a camp fire' type vibe. It lends itself to that notion of the myth of Conan, those sat around telling stories about him, etc.


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