Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Planetary – Sleep Therapy – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Long panel in the swamps of FLORIDA, where the top of CTHULU’s head can be seen poking up over the treeline. Off to one side, where the swamp is less forested, a PLANETARY vehicle of some kind that would be appropriate for this kind of thing is parked, with a touch of SCIENCE! instruments set up nearby. JAKITA WAGNER and THE DRUMMER are standing nearby, with DRUMMER looking at the instruments and JAKITA standing nearby.

Panel 2: ELIJA SNOW exits the thickest part of the swamp – he is removing goggles from his face. JAKITA and DRUMMER sit up and take notice as ELIJA approaches.

JAKITA: ItsAboutTimeYouGotBackDoYouHaveAnyIdeaHowLong…

DRUMMER: Jakita, you’re doing the run-on thing.

JAKITA: So tell me what happened in there already!

Panel 3: ELIJA takes the goggles off his head and points with his thumb over his shoulder.

ELIJA (1): Good news – big, green, and ugly’s reputation is overexaggerated.

ELIJA (2): All he really wants is to hit the snooze alarm and fin a place to sleep where people will quit waking him up.

ELIJA (3): Bad news – we have to figure out how to put Cthulu back to sleep.

Panel 4: ELIJA tosses the goggles to DRUMMER, who sloppily catches them.

ELIJA: Also, Drummer, your tech wasn’t worth $#*^ in there.

ELIJA: I’m pretty sure I still went crazy while talking to him.

Panel 5: DRUMMER looks at the goggles.

DRUMMER: So how do we put Cthulu back to sleep?

Panel 6: JAKITA and ELIJA both look at DRUMMER.

JAKITA: You’re the information guru, Drummer. You tell us.



  1. Fun page MK. Very Ellis feel to it.

    The final line or panel could maybe be tweaked to give more urgency/impetus to the page turn.

    I really like that they will likely have to face further dementia to get Cthulu his ambien :)

    1. Kind of like Sanity Limbo, perhaps?

      "How low can our sanity go?" :^b

  2. This had a kind of "Fun, science, adventure!"/Nextwave kind of vibe to it.

    I liked the idea of putting Cthulhu back to sleep as the central premise of the page. There's also a good handle on the inter-team dynamics here by way of the dialogue.

  3. Great twist on the Cthulhu tropes, trying to put him back to sleep seems like a much bigger change than waking him.

    Also for a page about a huge monstrous old god you're dialogue is the real star. You write team banter and character voices perfectly here.

  4. You have a great handle on the characters and their dialogue. I particularly love how casual "I'm pretty sure I went crazy while talking to him" is. And I too love HP's craft.


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