Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Escapist -The Binding Effect- Dan Hill


Panel 1: Wide panel: Full bleed, night. We’re looking side on at the wheels of a train as it thunders forwards.

1 THE ESCAPIST(V/O): A lock, any lock is designed to keep something from someone else. Something valuable.

2 THE ESCAPIST(V/O): This can be money, food, water...even freedom.

Panel 2: CUT TO: a bleary eyed COMMANDANT STEINER looking towards us as he leans on his elbow in bed. He’s silver haired and in his late forties. He’s also out of uniform, wearing a white vest and looks only half awake.

3 STEINER: What is the meaning of--

4 GUARD(OFF): Commandant...

Panel 3: Pan around to see a CAMP GUARD (dressed in German army uniform circa 1943) at Steiner’s doorway. He looks exhausted and apologetic, holding on to the doorframe for support.

5 GUARD: have to see this.  

Panel 4: CUT TO: Wide panel: Full bleed, night. We pan up from the train wheels to get a side on view of the train carriage itself. Peering back out at us from the windows we can see several FACES.

6 THE ESCAPIST(V/O): But they're imperfect-- slight misalignments in the pin chambers, misshapen pins...

7 THE ESCAPIST(V/O): ...therefore picking a lock, any lock, works because of inescapable flaws in their design.

Panel 5: CUT TO: Early morning. Steiner climbing the ladder of a watch tower somewhere in the camp he commands. The guard from the previous panel is several rungs beneath him.

8 GUARD: I don’t know how it happened, Commandant.

Panel 6: Steiner and the guard, now at the top of the watch tower, peer back at us in wonder and amazement.

9 STEINER: This is impossible.

10 GUARD: I told you...

Panel 7: Wide panel: From their POV looking out over Camp Feurstadt, a work camp. We can see guard towers at the other corners of the fence that surrounds the camp. We can see the huge wide gates of the camp thrown open.

Below them in the camp itself we can see all of the buildings (living quarters, processing facility, etc). All of the doors are thrown open on the buildings. Nothing stirs. It’s empty.

11 GUARD(V/O): They’re all gone.

Panel 8: Full bleed: Wide panel: CUT TO: the train as it hurtles towards us. Leaning out of the driver’s cab slightly, surveying the landscape is THE ESCAPIST.

Behind him we can see the rest of the train and Bavarian mountains as they recede into the distance.

12 THE ESCAPIST(V/O): Apply a little pressure and sooner or later, they all fall.


  1. Excellent.

    This would look awesome over a page or two, but could work just as well as one.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Really nice page. The captions are great.

    You could possibly knock 6 & 7 together to allow the eerie image of the empty camp sit for longer.

    I love that all the doors are open. Without that it would just be the stillness of the camp at night. You've captured that violated feeling that sets in after a burglary.

  3. I love the narration, and it's a great build-up, but it could be trimmed a bit.

  4. Perfect pacing and setting choice Dan. Great page.

  5. Jeez, Dan, fanTAStic piece. I could really see Darwyn Cooke penciling this (the weird side of me would like to see Kyle Baker tackle this). Take a bow.


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