Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Escapist - Sacrifices - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Shot of a headstone.  It's a close-up of the deceased's name: Tom Mayflower.

PLUM BLOSSOM (off-panel): I can't believe he's gone.

2 - Pull back to show that Big Al, Miss Plum Blossom, and Omar are standing around Tom's grave, all looking downcast.  Al extends a hand to comfort Plum.

BIG AL: Hush now.  We must be strong.

3 - Continue to pull back, the focus remaining on the grave and assembled friends.  Omar speaks, a solemn expression on his face.  His words surprise and upset Al and Plum.

OMAR: Alois is right.  We must find his key and then find a replacement.

BIG AL: Omar!  Can we not delay this conversation for one day?

4 - Continue to pull back.  The friends are now walking away, heading off to continue with their lives.  Omar's words are lost due to the distance.

OMAR (trailing off): I'm afraid not.  The Iron Chain will not rest, and so neither can we...

5 - Pulling further back.  We've moved so far back that we see a figure looking towards the friends walking away (who are now near the gate of the cemetery).  The figure is wearing the Escapist costume, his back to the reader.  It's Tom Mayflower.

TOM: I'm sorry, friends.

6 - Tom turns to face the reader.  He is clearly troubled, but he is also determined.

TOM: ...but what I do now must be done alone.


  1. Cool concept Grant. I love the pacing and use of the pull back to make that final reveal.

  2. Shades of Sherlock Series 2. Solid page with a good build and page turn.

  3. Tom Sawyer meets Tom Mayflower :)

    Nice page Grant.


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