Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Escapist – Terror of the Tax Man! – MK Stangeland Jr.

Page 1

(1 Panel)


Panel style should be a silver/golden-age type opening page image where the hero finds themselves in the midst of some predicament, the full story of which will begin as soon as the reader turns to the next page. Here, TOM MAYFLOWER (out of costume) is in a chair, with two IRS agents standing in front of him. MAYFLOWER looks concerned, but he’s managing to be far more calm than he feels on the inside.

TEXT BOX: He’s escaped Death Traps!

TEXT BOX (2): He’s escaped Diabolical Masterminds!

TEXT BOX (3): But can TOM MAYFLOWER escape the scrutiny of…

TEXT BOX (4): …the IRS?!

IRS AGENT: I regret to inform you that the IRS believes it is necessary to subject you to an audit, Mr. Mayflower.

TOM MAYFLOWER: (Thought Balloon) This is one foe I can’t simply fight my way past.

TOM MAYFLOWER (2): (Thought Balloon) But if they scrutinize too closely, they might learn about my secret identity as…

TOM MAYFLOWER (3): (Thought Balloon, written in name-logo style word art) …THE ESCAPIST!



  1. Cute and fun idea. I like the use of the Golden Age style splash opener, this really works for the pulp nature of the book.

  2. Solid and fun page and the integration with the old school elements is pretty funny.

  3. Very amusing idea, displayed with comedic skill here.


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