Friday, May 10, 2013

The Escapist - Terror of the Terminal Time Trap! - J.D. Coughlan

Panel 1: Medium shot of a blank-walled white room. There is a chair in the exact middle, with the Escapist, just awoken, tied to it. Behind him is an open door. In the corner of the panel is clock text (ideally like a flip clock of the era).


CLOCK: 11:27:42

Panel 2: Same POV. The Escapist is standing in front of the chair and has undone his ropes. He is smug, but still confused as to his whereabouts.

ESCAPIST: That was simple enough.

CLOCK: 11:28:17

Panel 3: Same POV. The Escapist is about to walk out the door.

ESCAPIST: As death-traps go, this one is hardly very--

CLOCK: 11:28:21

Panel 4: Same POV. The Escapist is back to being tied up in the chair. He now has a worried expression on his face.

ESCAPIST: --complicated.

CLOCK: 11:27:42



  1. (Ray stands and claps) Great Groundhog Day, that is the best trap of the week, J.D., and masterfully played for a fantastic payoff. You have earned your Golden Key, sir.

  2. Hah! Nice. Simple and effective.

  3. Excellent. Feels like things are just going to get weirder from hereon in. Put me in the mind of this:

  4. Clever idea, set up and played out really over one page. Nice work.


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