Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Mandarin. – He’s Got The Whole World. - Shaun Richens.


1. Close up TONY STARK’s hand. He holds a whisky glass by the rim and gently swirls the iced whiskey inside.

CAPTION: Everyone has a flaw. A chink in their armour.

2. Pull out to show Stark pushing the glass across a table away from himself, he looks away from the drink as he does.

CAPTION: Only those brave enough to see their own…

3. Pull out further to show Stark, in a fine tailored suit, standing tall, the ARC REACTOR in his chest glowing bright.

CAPTION: Can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

4. Close up on the MANDARIN’s hand, he slowly pushes one of his rings on to his leathery finger.

CAPTION: Everyone has a flaw. A chink in their armour.

5. Pull out. The Mandarin holds his clenched fist across his chest. Five of his rings can be seen glowing.

CAPTION: Only those hungry enough to sacrifice it all…

6.Pull out to show the Mandarin sat on a large ornate throne. Carved Dragonheads on the arm rests and clawed feet at its base.

The mandarin wears a flowing dark green robe that falls away down the steps in front of his throne.

The Mandarin has his head looking down and to the side, his eyes closed as he rubs at his temples. He looks weak and frail in this single moment, even though his hands glow with the power of the impossible.

CAPTION: Can hold the world in their hands.


  1. "...his hands glow with the power of the impossible." Your script is a great combination of classic Iron Man and pulp-style punch, but that line clinched it for me. Solid piece, Shaun.

  2. Good work highlighting the characters fundamental differences.

  3. I like the "push" and "pull" dynamic going on in this page.


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