Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Mandarin – Ring Wrath – MK Stangeland Jr.

(4 Panels)

Panel 1: A convention hall filled with a large number of characters from across the comic multiverse that have jewelry – rings specifically – as an important part of their costume/power set. Undoubtedly a large portion of these characters will be from the various lantern corps and the Legion of Superheroes.

In the foreground stand BOOSTER GOLD and SKEETS, THE PHANTOM, and CRUSADER.

CRUSADER: Booster Gold, was it?

BOOSTER GOLD (1): That would be me. The brains behind this little get together.

BOOSTER GOLD (2): And I’d say it’s worked better than I could have hoped!

SKEETS: Brilliantly, sir.

CRUSADER: Yeah, that said…

Panel 2: The three look over their shoulders to the background, where LARFLEEZE is using an assortment of constructs – including GLOMULOUS - to chase THE MANDARIN.

LARFLEEZE (1): You have ten rings?! I want ten rings! GIMMIE!



Panel 3: The three continue to watch as the scene inverts, this time with THE MANDARIN chasing LARFLEEZE as he fires an array of attacks from his assorted rings.

THE MANDARIN: Back! Back you barbarian!

THE MANDARIN: I will not be assaulted like this!


Panel 4: CRUSADER and PHANTOM look at BOOSTER GOLD. BOOSTER GOLD looks over his shoulder, worried, at LARFLEEZE and THE MANDARIN as they continue to fight off-panel.

LARFLEEZE: (Off-Panel) No one gets more rings than Larfleeze!

THE MANDARIN: (Off-panel) Fool! No one crosses the Mandarin and survives!

CRUSADER: Perhaps you should have put some more thought into the details first.



  1. Cute and funny concept that you pace really well. I was hoping someone would explore all the super powered accessories in comics and you did an excellent job sir.

  2. Really fun idea. I don't know half of the characters mentioned, but I could see this happening in an episode of Brave and the Bold (copyright issues ignored)

  3. The visual of Larfleeze and Mandarin chasing each other makes this page a solid win.


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