Sunday, May 19, 2013

Three Years - Influences - Ben Rosenthal

1.  Matt Fraction stands in a spotlight.  He has just appeared there, and has no idea where he is or what he is doing in this place.  Darkness surrounds the spotlight.

Where the hell am I?

2.  Voices speak to Matt as he looks around, scared.  The spotlight has become slightly larger, showing just the feet and legs of numerous people surrounding him.

Look, another one.

Should we be worried about our oxygen depleting?

He looks a little wibbly wobbly.

VOICE 4 (closer to Matt Fraction than the rest – he is walking towards him)
There’s nothing to worry about Matt.

3.  Stan Lee is standing next to Fraction, a hand on his shoulder comforting him.  The spotlight now reveals all the many others that are in the vicinity.  We can make out the people closest to Stan and Matt.  They are Neil Gaiman, the three modern day Doctors, Quantum and Woody, Buffy, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Hawkguy, Norman Osborn, Joss Whedon, Ryan Lindsay, Mike Perry, Darren Close and Dan Hill (some you may not recognise…but you will).

But you had better get comfortable—

4.  Ben Rosenthal is sitting at a desk, writing.

--You’re going to be here a long time. 


  1. However relevant it may be to what you're aiming for here, I think the idea that fascinates me the most about the script is the question of where you got the power to "borrow" all these people for direct inspiration.

  2. So you might say he's just a... FRACTION... of your influences.

    I love the feel of this script. Like a new toy joining your toybox.

  3. Man, Ben, this is a tidy idea. I dig it. Well played, and that's quite the melange of influences. Good luck with those.

  4. Great idea, perfectly executed.

    Congratulations on making it to Year 3, Ben. You're a true survivor.

    I do miss you guys.

  5. Love it, Ben. Really neat way to literalize the influence motif, and definitely cool to get an inside look (ha!) at some of your influences, both old and new.

  6. As I mentioned on Twitter, I am humbled and surprised to be included in this script. I have some amazing company.

    Nice idea and visuals, excellently executed.

  7. Nice page Ben.

    Really reminds me of a "stuck in the friend zone" gag from something but can't remember what for the life of me. Possibly early Family Guy.

    Dan - do some networking in there ;)

  8. Thanks guys. Not sure if it came off, but it's all in my head...or something. I just took away the right to all those compliments, right?

    JD - Horrible pun is horrible. And by that I mean it is awesome.

    Moneyshot - I was totally expecting 3 stars for this one. Just on principle.

    ROL - ROL! Come back more often!

    Grant - Another pun! You guys are spoiling me.

    Dan - Credit where credit is due duder.

    Brian - Thank you sir. Love all your scripts by the way. I'm sure that as soon as there is a plausible vacancy I'm sure you will be hearing from me. What's your twitter handle?

  9. Thanks Ben. Glad you've been enjoying them. I'm really enjoying everyone's scripts here - just wish I'd found the place sooner!

    I'm @brianmanton with my grand total of 36 tweets :)

    (only recently giving twitter another spin after a reluctant tweet in 2009)

    Already following yourself and all the other TBers I could find.

  10. This a great idea Ben. Reminds me of Bill and Ted, bring a bunch of odd characters and people together for one common goal. In this case influencing your writing not passing a history class.

    What I love most about this is panel 2, your dialogue choices are so spot on that when you reveal the rest of your cast i can match them to who said them, thats some great writing.


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